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Shree - Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya revolves around a close-knit, royal Gujarati Raghuvanshi family based in Mumbai. The family believes in traditional values and a grounded approach to life.
Two sisters-in-law, completely different in character, head the family. The older one is jovial and fun-loving while the younger one acts strict and rigid, even though she is soft at heart.
Overall, it is a happy family that faces minor ups and downs. The only concern for the family is to get their daredevil son Hari married.
The story begins with the family trying to find Hari a suitable girl for marriage. The problem is that any alliance that comes Hari's way does not materialize for some reason or the other. After much wait, the family tries to find out the reason behind this. They are shocked to know that an evil spirit, desperately in love with Hari, tries to keep love out of Hari's life.
Will Hari and his family ever find the right girl who will fight the spirit hovering around them?


Hari - Pankaj Singh Tiwari
Shree - Wasna Ahmed 
Damyanti - Falguni Desai
Sumati - Rupa Devatia
Tribhuvan - Amit Thakur
Anant - Jiten Lalwani
Nikita - Trishna Vivek 
Darshan - Ujwal Chopra
Madhu - Shalmalee Tolye 
Pujari - Mehul Buch
Nihal - Prasad Barve
Dahya - Mohit Das 
Riddhi - Isha Chandera
Siddhi - Aafia Tayebali
Jigna - Anannya 
Mahant - Anang Desai
Bindya - Madhurima Tuli 
Chotu - Meet
Lappu - Chirag Desai
Faibaa - Devyani Thakkar
Rajni - Supriya 
Old woman - Pratima T
Kangana - Vibha Anand


  • Madhurima Tulli as Bindiya
    Madhurima Tulli
  • Pankaj Tiwari as Hari
    Pankaj Tiwari
  • Vibha Anand as Kangna
    Vibha Anand
  • Nimisha Vakharia as Putlibai
    Nimisha Vakharia
  • Wasna Ahmed as Shree
    Wasna Ahmed
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Kangna goes away from Hari's life.
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