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Shobha Somnath Ki : ABOUT THE SHOW

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About the Show

Reopening a remarkable chapter lost in the by-lanes of Bharuch and passed on as a legend by mothers to their daughters in Gujarat, Zee TV brings you 'Shobha Somnath Ki', a historical drama that narrates the awe-inspiring story of India's unsung heroine Shobha who stood tall and strong in the face of a fiery invasion by Mughal emperor Mahmud of Ghazni. No! She didn't wield the sword, she wasn't exactly the master of guerrilla warfare ... but she held an army of over 2 Lakh plunderers at ransom with the dexterity of a shrewd, agile mind.

Born to a mother who succumbs to the pain of delivering her, Shobha is bereft of parental love all through her childhood, particularly from a bitter father who holds her solely responsible for her mother's death. But the eternally hopeful and bright-eyed Shobha isn't one to give up easily. The story follows her journey as she learns all about love, life, valour and sacrifice from her closest relatives, the noble King Daddachalukya and his beautiful wife Maharani Gayatri Devi of Bharuch. The beauty of her bond with cousin Chaula as the two girls blossom into strikingly attractive women and the twists and turns of fate that drive Shobha to emerge as a torch-bearing heroine of her time form the crux of this tale. Her shrewd game-plan for saving her beloved homeland from the clutches of Mahmud Ghaznavi will be remembered by generations in the land of the Narmada.


  • Ashnoor Kaur as Shobhna
    Ashnoor Kaur
  • Amrita Raichand as Gayatri Devi
    Amrita Raichand
    Gayatri Devi
  • Sadashiv Amrapurkar as Rudrabhadra
    Sadashiv Amrapurkar
  • Siddharth Vasudev as Bhaanuman
    Siddharth Vasudev
  • Yash Tonk as Dadda Chalukya
    Yash Tonk
    Dadda Chalukya
  • Pankaj Dheer as Kirit Chalukya
    Pankaj Dheer
    Kirit Chalukya
  • Roma Bali as Vijaylaxmi
    Roma Bali
  • Vikram Virk as Mahmood, the Amir of Ghaznavi
    Vikram Virk
    Mahmood, the Amir of Ghaznavi
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Episode Guide

Shobha Somnath Ki - Episode 98
Prachandman gets shocked on learning that Dadda Chalukya was posing as Mahmud Ghaznavi's messenger.
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