Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke : Cast

  • Rupal Tyagi as Gunjan Gunjan is a smart and suave 19 year old girl born and brought up in Mumbai. Gunjan has been raised in an uninhibited environment which makes her a free spirited teenager who takes her own decisions.

    She is vivacious and comes across as the girl next door. She has a positive and peppy attitude. She has endeared the audiences with her youthful charm and effervescence.
  • Mahima Makwana as Rachna Rachna is a simpleton who has spent all her life in the small town of Varanasi. Her appearance has no iota of modernity and it seems the changing time has no influence on her. The long hair, ponytailed girl clad in loose fitting salwar kameez with no make-up on her eyes has been brought up in a very traditional and conservative environment.

    Rachna might come across as a simple, naïve girl but she is ambitious and open to learn and adapt. She is affable with a pleasant and balanced personality.
  • Ankit Gera as Mayank Garg Ankit Gera,who is playing the lead role of Mayank Garg in the show SuhaneLadakpanKe which is aired on Zee Tv. Mayank, well-educated college pass out and he is from Banaras.He is very modern and stylish. Mayank is paired opposite Gunjan(Rupal Tyaagi-Female lead).