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Sanskar Laxmi - Episode 137

Shobhana is furious at Vijay after Angad and Laxmi leave for New Zealand forever. Shobhna holds Vijay responsible for Angad's decision to leave the house.

To unite Angad and Vijay, Kaveri calls up Angad and lies to him that Vijay has suffered a heart attack. On the other hand, she lies to Vijay that Angad and Laxmi have met with an accident. Vijay gets shocked and rushes to Angad's aid.

Bapuji is puzzled when he sees Vijay leaving the house in a hurry. Meanwhile, Angad and Laxmi return home. Vijay and Angad are surprised to see each other hale and hearty standing in front of each other. The family is left puzzled.

Baa and Bapuji are in for a pleasant surprise when they learn that Kaveri had lied to Angad and Vijay in order to unite them. To everyone's shock, Kaveri reveals that Laxmi had requested her to do so as she was sure that the father and son loved each other dearly.

Shobhana regrets creating problems for Laxmi and therefore apologizes to her.

Serial: Sanskaar Laxmi
Episode Number: 137
Telecast Date: September 8, 2011

What's happening

Sanskaar Laxmi is the journey of an uneducated but worldly wise, mature, hardworking and extremely talented girl Laxmi (played by Vidya Anand) from rural Gujarat.

Laxmi is rooted in Indian traditions and has an inborn knack of winning peoples heart by her pleasant demeanor and sweet smile even in adverse situations. For Laxmi, 'sanskar' does not mean only following rituals blindly but it means caring for everyone and valuing relationships.
Laxmi enters a rich but fragmenting joint urban Purohit family based in Mumbai as their daughter-in-law and plays the central role in holding the family from falling apart. How the Purohit family, a traditional believer in rituals and culture of Hindu religion deals with the rural, modern and ultramodern  lifestyle after bringing in their daughters-in-law; how significant a role Laxmi plays after coming in and how she overcomes her own as well as her family's trials and tribulations forms the basis of the show.


  • Anang Desai as Jagmohan
    Anang Desai
  • Vibha Anand as Laxmi
    Vibha Anand
  • Vivan Bhatena as Parag
    Vivan Bhatena
  • Anisha Kapoor as Ragini
    Anisha Kapoor
  • Rohit Purohit as Suraj
    Rohit Purohit
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Vikas Sethi enters Sanskaar Laxmi
'Vikas will play a negative role in the show and his character will be called Mandar', says a source.
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Shobhana apologizes to Laxmi.
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