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Ramayan Episode 35 - April 07, 2013

About Episode:
In the April 7 Episode of Ramayan, Lord Hanuman wears a disguise of a Brahmin saint and introduces himself as Kesari Nandan to Lord Ram and Lakshman. He later reveals his identity to both Lord Ram and Lakshman after Lord Ram and Lakshman introduces themselves to him. Lord Hanuman takes Lord Ram and Lakshman to Sugreev and convinces Sugreev of their safety after revealing Lord Ram's identity to Sugreev. Sugreev mentions about the belongings they received from Queen Sita while she was getting kidnapped by Ravan. Ravan on the other hand gets furious on Rijita after she tries to provoke Queen Sita against him. Ravan further sends Kritika to develop liking in Queen Sita's mind about Ravan. Sugreev informs Lord Ram and Lakshman about his brother Bali who acquired Sugreev's kingdom and kidnapped his wife. Lord Ram assures Sugreev of allotting his kingdom and his wife to Sugreev. Bali gets furious after learning Lord Ram's accompaniment with Sugreev. Lord Ram and Queen Sita miss each-other in their loneliness.

Telecast Date: April 7, 2013
Episode Number: 35
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