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Ramayan Episode 33 - March 24, 2013

About Episode:
In the March 24 Episode of Ramayan, Lord Ram showers the water of seven rivers on Jatayu, after his death by using his powers. Raavan tries to express his love and affection for Queen Sita by Queen Sita abruptly turns down his proposal. Rijita shows her affection for Queen Sita and urges her to have her meal. Queen Sita refuses to have the meal as its ingredients belong to Lankesh. Lord Ram on the other hand refuses to have his meal and stays bothered about Queen Sita. Lord Bhramha sends Lord Indra to feed Queen Sita with a delicacy that would prevent her from getting hungry in future. Queen Sita refuses to agree with Lord Indra after he mentions his identity. She further eats the delicacy after Lord Indra showcases his Godlike features. Lord Ram further meets a person who mentions Lord Ram to take help from Sugreev in his journey to find Queen Sita. Lord Ram and Lakshman further meet their worshipper Shabri an old lady who awaits their arrival. Lord Ram visits her hut and enjoy their meal of sweet berries selected by Shabri for her Lord Ram.

Telecast Date: March 24, 2013
Episode Number: 33
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