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Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 841 - January 06, 2016 - Full Episode Armaan burns Mahira's belongings and is about to throw the ring into the fire but Amad stops him. Mahira prays to the Almighty to return Armaan's trust in her. Kainaat and Sameer reach home and have some wine. Sameer falls unconscious after consuming the drugged wine and Kainaat moves forward with her plan. Sameer wakes up and is shocked to find the entire room empty. He starts to feel unwell and just then, Kainaat enters the room and saves his life. Mahira tries to speak to Armaan but she is shocked when he asks her if she is pregnant with his child or somebody else'. Armaan makes up his mind to divorce Mahira but his lawyer advises him to give a thought to it as it involves a huge alimony. Keep watching Qubool Hai to know more.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 840 - January 05, 2016 - Full Episode Mahira plans of making the evening best for Armaan but Amad makes up his mind to ruin the evening. Armaan feels bad about doubting Mahira earlier but their evening is ruined when Armaan gets a video message that shows Mahira with another man. Mahira is shocked seeing the video herself and she falls unconscious. Kainaat gets a complete makeover with the help of Romeo. She meets her husband, who had earlier tried to kill her and he fails to recognize her. As per her plan, he gets beaten up and Kainaat agrees to drive him home. Watch Qubool Hain to know more.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 839 - January 04, 2016 - Full Episode Amad meets Mahira at the restaurant and she gets furious to see him there. Mahira falls unconscious all of a sudden and she wakes up at her home. Amad talks to Armaan regarding Mahira as he tells him that he had seen Mahira with another man and Armaan believes him. Menawhile the doctors convince Kainaat to undergo a plastic surgery and she agrees. Meanwhile, Amad assures Mahira that he will walk out of her life and let her go with Armaan. Mahira later is surprised with Armaan's indifferent behaviour towards her. Kainaat's operation is done and she prays to the almighty to give her the strength to have her revenge against her husband. Mahira gets excited when she finds out that she is pregnant. Watch Qubool Hain to know more.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 838 - January 02, 2016 - Full Episode Sanam begs her son Armaan for forgiveness but Armaan does not believe that his mother has actually changed. Sanam leaves the house and walks all alone, ready to give up her life. As the sun's rays fall upon her, Sanam meets her end and at the same time, Kainaat gains consciousness. Armaan is hoping that his doubts regarding Mahira are not true. Just then, another message beeps on the phone. Armaan sees the message and gets upset as he learns that somebody is insisting on meeting Mahira. Watch 'Qubool Hain' to know what happens next.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 837 - January 01, 2016 - Full Episode Armaan tells Amad about his doubts regarding Mahira and Amad and that Mahira is secretly speaking to a man. Later, Armaan asks Mahira to play a game of truth and dare. Sanam gets the witch and tells her that she wants to once again turn mortal. The witch informs her that if she turns into a human she might meet her end very soon. But the love for Ehsaan that Sanam has for him forces her to let go of her evil side. Sanam returns as a human and seeing her praying, Ehsaan's grandmother gets emotional. Sanam later goes to meet Mahira and Armaan in order to apologize to them. Watch 'Qubool Hai' to know more.