Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 440 - July 7, 2014 Raahat and Haya spend some time together, he tells her about his wife Zaba who was killed during her pregnancy in an accident and Raahat believes that it is because of him that Zaba had met with the accident. Meanwhile, Sanam, Rehaan, Aahil and Nidha come to have look at a farmhouse. Sanam slips and is about to fall down, but Aahil saves her, Nidha sees this and gets jealous. She too pretends to fall down so that Aahil will help her, but Aahil does not even notice her. Later, Nidha hears Aahil referring to Sanam as his partner and gets furious. Aahil buys the farmhouse and later both Aahil and Rehaan are waiting for Sanam and Nidha. Meanwhile, Nidha has a cunning plan to drive Sanam out of her life. What is her plan? Watch the entire episode to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 439 - July 4, 2014 Sanam, Rehaan, Aahil and Nidha reach the 'dargah' and there both Aahil and Rehaan pray for their love, Sanam. Sanam meets a babaji there who calls her Zoya. Sanam feels happy to know that the babaji knew her mother and discusses with him about her parents. Later, Sanam ties the holy thread in the 'dargah' along with Aahil, but Nidha unties the holy thread out of her jealousy. Meanwhile, Raahat is searching for Haya and he finally finds her on a road and is alerted to see a truck approaching her. He runs towards Haya and in the nick of time pushes her away. Watch the entire episode as love seems to be blossoming between the new couples.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 438 - July 03, 2014 Aahil scolds Nidha when she tries to talk rudely to Tanveer and when she tries to insult Sanam in front of everybody. Later, Aahil makes attempts to drive Rehaan out of the house, so that he does not go to the 'dargah' with Sanam, but he cannot find a good excuse to do so. Later, when Sanam and Rehaan are waiting for the driver to arrive with the car, Aahil comes to them with his car. Nidha too joins them for their trip to the 'Dargah'. Meanwhile, Haya steps outside the house in search for her mother. Raahat finds out that Haya is not in the house and decides to himself look for Haya. Watch the entire episode here.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 437 - July 02, 2014 Nidha makes up her mind to not wear the dress Tanveer has chosen for her. Meanwhile, Haya manages to make Raahat wear the sweater designed by her and is happy to see him wearing it. Munessa sees this and gets angry, she asks Haya to try to make Raahat step out of the house and when Haya does so, Raahat starts remembering how his wife had died because of a car accident and gets furious with Haya and breaks his friendship with her. Meanwhile, Sanam expresses her need for a holiday for the next day in front of Rehaan as she needs to visit the 'dargah'. Rehaan decides to take her to the 'dargaah' and speaks to Aahil regarding Sanam's holiday. What will Aahil's reaction be? Watch the entire episode here.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 436 - July 01, 2014 Rehaan advises Aahil to give a thought to the marriage but Aahil calls it his destiny. Next day, Nidha behaves arrogantly in front of Tanveer and others while everybody is choosing sarees for the 'Nikaah'. Later, Nidha starts insulting Sanam and she puts the sarees on her hand and displays it to others. Seeing this Aahil gets angry and scolds Nidha. Meanwhile, Rehaan sees Haya and her mother on the way and decides to leave them home. Rehaan learns from Haya's mother that Sanam was about to get married but her marriage had got cancelled. Meanwhile, Nidha continues to behave arrogantly with Tanveer. Will Tanveer continue to bear this behaviour of Nidha? Watch the entire episode here.