Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 423 - June 11, 2014 Sanam enters Aahil's room and hears him apologizing. She assumes that Aahil is apologizing to her, but later realizes that he is talking to someone on the phone. Later, she goes to Rehaan and offers him food to eat. Meanwhile, Haya is having tough time at Munessa's place as Munessa does not even allow her to eat in peace. Raahat sees this and sympathizes for her. He orders food for her and Munessa sees this and tries to stop him by reminding him about Zeba. Tanveer is desperate to find the will, the information of which is available only with the badi begum. Sanam on the other hand hears badi begum trying to say something. Sanam doesn't understand what badi begum is trying to say and informs Tanveer about badi begum trying to speak. Watch further to know more.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 422 - June 10, 2014 Aasma's parents come to Aahil's house and Tanveer takes this as a chance to keep Sanam away from the badi begum. She then goes to the badi begum's room and leaves a snake on her body. She asks her to give her the information regarding the will that's in her name. While, Tanveer is trying her best to pressurize the badi begum, Sanam enters the room and sees the snake. Aahil too enters the room and makes an attempt to catch the snake but Sanam bravely puts a cloth on the snake and manages to throw it away. Aahil is amazed witnessing her bravery. The entire family is thankful to Sanam for saving badi begum, but Tanveer is thinking of getting rid of Sanam as she is turning out to be a hindrance to her plans. Watch the entire episode here.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 421 - June 09, 2014 Tanveer wants Sanam to give badi begum the same medicine that she has been giving in order to worsen her health. Tanveer later goes to meet Sanam's grandmother Dilshad to give her the medicine, but Dilshad is sick and falls asleep and does not see Tanveer. Meanwhile Sanam sees badi begum's health condition worsening and calls for help. She calls Aasmaa for help and Aasmaa attends to her. Aahil gets furious with Sanam and blames her for badi begum's condition and decides to stop her from taking care of the begum. Watch the entire episode to know what happens next.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 420 - June 06, 2014 Sanam is concerned about badi begum's health and decides to take care of her. Aahil does not want this and decides to call a consultant to take advice about how to take care of badi begum. Tanveer decides against it as she does not want the consultant to know that badi begum is actually healthy and made to feel unhealthy on purpose. She finally lets Sanam look after badi begum. Aahil is pleased to know that his mother too dislikes Sanam the way he does. Tanveer on the other hand is thinking of a way to keep Sanam and badi begum away. Sanam later decides to give medicines to the badi begum but is unaware that these medicines are the actual cause of badi begum's bad health. Tanveer meanwhile decides to meet Sanam's grandmother to give her a few medicines. Watch further to know what happens next.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 419 - June 05, 2014 Masood and his men who are dressed as pest controllers turn out to be thugs and take the entire house in their control. These men turn out to be from the sleeper cell. Aahil tries to fight them out but his attempt is foiled by the leader of the gang. Sanam is outside with her sister Haya and sees this from outside. Just as she is about to search for help she bumps into someone. Who is this someone? Watch the special episode here as bollywood's action king Akshay Kumar aka Captain Virat comes to protect Aahil and his family against the men from the sleeper cell. Qubool Hai is a Muslim Social Drama in the Rom Com zone. It is the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts. It is also the story of Zoya, a girl who starts by hating the culture of hypocrisy in joint families and eventually ends up bringing together the two warring families. The journey of the Khan family is seen through the eyes of our three protagonists; Zoya the young, spunky and progressive NRI, Ayaan the charming boy who falls for every beautiful face and Asad the man with the angst who eventually learns to love. To watch more episodes from this show go to http://www.zeetv.com/