Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 443 - July 10, 2014 Aahil's 'nikaah' with Nidha goes on smoothly with lots of dancing and other activities taking place. Sanam asks Rehaan to put the 'gajra' on her hair and Rehaan is more than happy to do so. Aahil sees this and gets jealous. Later, Tanveer sings on the ocassion and dances with Sanam and other girls during the 'mehandi' function. Later, Tanveer decides that Aahil is supposed to apply 'mehandi' on Nidha first. But Aahil goes to his room as he does not want to involve in any of the rituals. Tanveer goes after Aahil and just then the 'mehandi' falls down and some 'mehandi' falls on Sanam's hand. What will be result of this incident? FInd out here.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 442 - July 9, 2014 Aahil is about to reveal his love for Sanam but just then he sees his engagement ring and realizes that he is already engaged to Nidha and walks out of the place. On the way he feels that he cannot marry Nidha as he does not love her. He goes back to meet Sanam, but there he sees Sanam and Rehaan hugging each other and gets disappointed. Meanwhile, an invitation card comes for Raahat, but Munessa recieves the invitation card and throws it in the dustbin. Haya takes the invitation card to Raahat and asks him to go for the army function, but Raahat refuses and calls the army life his past. Later, Haya feels happy when Raahat asks her to join him in the function as his partner as only couples are allowed in the function. Nidha gets shocked when she sees Aahil entering the house along with Sanam and Raahat. Watch further to know what happens next.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 441 - July 8, 2014 Sanam is stuck in one of the rooms in the farmhouse. Meanwhile Nidha reaches Aahil and Rehaan and lies to them that Sanam has left the farmhouse to meet someone. Hearing this all of them leave the farmhouse in their car. Meanwhile, Dilshad relaxes after Haya and Raahat arrive back home. Raahat scolds Dilshad for being irresponsible. Later, Aahil and Raahat learn that no one had seen Sanam leaving the farmhouse and Aahil finally drives the car back to the farmhouse leaving behind Nidha and Raahat. He arrives at the farmhouse and is shocked to see Sanam locked in a room. He sees the water level rising there and rushes to help her. Will Aahil manage to save Sanam on time? Find out here.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 440 - July 7, 2014 Raahat and Haya spend some time together, he tells her about his wife Zaba who was killed during her pregnancy in an accident and Raahat believes that it is because of him that Zaba had met with the accident. Meanwhile, Sanam, Rehaan, Aahil and Nidha come to have look at a farmhouse. Sanam slips and is about to fall down, but Aahil saves her, Nidha sees this and gets jealous. She too pretends to fall down so that Aahil will help her, but Aahil does not even notice her. Later, Nidha hears Aahil referring to Sanam as his partner and gets furious. Aahil buys the farmhouse and later both Aahil and Rehaan are waiting for Sanam and Nidha. Meanwhile, Nidha has a cunning plan to drive Sanam out of her life. What is her plan? Watch the entire episode to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 439 - July 4, 2014 Sanam, Rehaan, Aahil and Nidha reach the 'dargah' and there both Aahil and Rehaan pray for their love, Sanam. Sanam meets a babaji there who calls her Zoya. Sanam feels happy to know that the babaji knew her mother and discusses with him about her parents. Later, Sanam ties the holy thread in the 'dargah' along with Aahil, but Nidha unties the holy thread out of her jealousy. Meanwhile, Raahat is searching for Haya and he finally finds her on a road and is alerted to see a truck approaching her. He runs towards Haya and in the nick of time pushes her away. Watch the entire episode as love seems to be blossoming between the new couples.