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Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 805 - November 25, 2015 - Full Episode Armaan and Khan Begum get into an argument about settling down with Mahira and Ehsaan respectively. After the argument, Armaan's eye catches Mahira, who was witnessing the scene and smiling. He then walk up to her and asks her why she is still blinded by the love for the person who is not alive. He tells Mahira that there is someone, who loves her more and is standing in front of her. Mahira insults Armaan and asks him to leave her alone. Later, Mahira, who is standing near the cliff, slip and falls. Her shout for help is heard by Khan Begum, who requests Ehsaan to save Mahira. Will Ehsaan be able to save Mahira? Keep watching the engrossing episode of 'Qubool Hai' to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 804 - November 24, 2015 - Full Episode Mahira tells Armaan that his anger is genuine and he is right. Mahira adds on that, it is a person's choice as to how they wish to live their lives and the fact that Khan Begum is his mother, he should forgive her. Armaan says that he has forgiven his mother. Khan Begum walks up to her son, Armaan and hugs him. Armaan tells Khan Begum that he is only forgiving her because Mahira has asked him to do so. Armaan further tells that Mahira hates him but he would always love her. Will Mahira respond to Armaan's love for her? Keep watching the engrossing episode of 'Qubool Hai' to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 803 - November 23, 2015 - Full Episode Khan Begum gets down from the carriage and leaves Armaan and Mahira shocked. Khan Begum then dances before the guests. Later, Mahira asks Khan Begum privately as to what this drama is all about. Khan Begum tells Mahira that life has given her another chance to recreate herself and thus she has decided to live a happy life. Mahira tells Khan Begum that whatever she is doing, is right and she would support her in her decision. At the same time, Armaan reaches the scene and questions Khan Begum about the drama she just created. What will Armaan's reaction be when he learns that Khan Begum is going to get married with his friend? Keep watching the captivating episode of 'Qubool Hai' to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 802 - November 20, 2015 - Full Episode Armaan and his business partner meet each other at Armaan's house on an ocassion. Armaan wishes that Mahira could also join the occasion. Soon, Mahira meets Armaan. Armaan's friend claims that Mahira is indeed beautiful. Meanwhile, Kainaat learns from Sameer that he has cheated her and all his love for her was an act. In the event held at Armaan's house, a competition is held where Armaan and Mahira are asked to dance with each other. Keep watching the entire episode of 'Qubool Hai' to find out what happens ahead.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 809 - November 30, 2015 - Full Episode Mahira accepts Armaan's love for her and decides to marry him. The wedding preparations start and Armaan is curious as he cannot find Mahira anywhere nearby. Mahira on the other hand, is doing something in the dark when Armaan meets her. They both stumble and fall on the bed that Mahira had designed for them. On the other hand, Ehsaan's grandmother is adamant to bring Khan Begum's reality before the world. She uses a holy cloth to learn whether Khan Begum is a witch or not. What will the result of Ehsaan's grandmother's attempt of unmasking Khan Begum? Keep watching the enthralling episode of 'Qubool Hai' to find out.