Qubool Hai : Episode Guide

  • Qubool Hai - Episode 772 - October 9, 2015 - Full Episode After the wedding of Mahira, she is seen waiting for Amad. All this while, she utters that she did not want to marry Amad but she was forced to. Amad then enters the room and comes closer to Mahira. Amad finding the ever hesitant Mahira smiling, gets surprised. He then calls Mahira his property and claims that he can do whatever he wants, with her. Mahira confronts Amad and stabs him several times with a knife. It is then revealed that the woman who had stabbed Amad is not Mahira, but she is Ifrit's slave, Jhanjaria, who is disguised as Mahira. On the other hand, Azad confronts Mahira and takes her by surprise. What will Mahira's reaction be when she finds Azad in her room? Keep watching to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 771 - October 8, 2015 - Full Episode Anand Kumar sets himself free and rushes to attend to his sons Amad and Azad. He first reaches Amad and sees as to who he is getting married to. To his surprise, Anand finds Mahira as the bride. Ifrit, who is witnessing the scene, insults Anand. Followed by Ifrit, Amad himself insults his father and asks him to leave the place. Anand now decides to meet Azad and find who he getting married to. Is Azad being cheated by Khan Begum? Keep watching to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 770 - October 7, 2015 - Full Episode Anand Kumar has been kidnapped by Khan Begum and is angry with her. He thinks that he is never going to let his family be destroyed and for that he would do whatever he can. Anand then frees himself and sets off to save his family. Meanwhile, Amad is waiting for Mahira to arrive and get his wedding over. His sole motive behind this wedding is to hurt. Will Anand be able to reach the scene in time? Keep watching to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 769 - October 6, 2015 - Full Episode Amad forces himself on Mahira, when Azad enters and stops him. Amad does not listen to what Azad said, Azad slaps him. Meanwhile Kainaat, Latif and Khala have been kidnapped and the kidnappers gives some instructions to Kainaat if her family wants to be safe. What is the rule that Kainaat has commanded to follow? Keep watching to find out.
  • Qubool Hai - Episode 768 - October 5, 2015 - Full Episode The wedding of Amad and Mahira is about to take place shortly and Ifrit informs Khan Begum that if the latter wants to acquire her powers back, then she should stop this wedding. Khan Begum is shocked on hearing this as the guests are at home and a party is thrown on the news of Amad and Mahira's wedding. Khan Begum and Ifrit then decide to craft a plan in order to intrigue Azad to attend to Mahira. Ifrit administers a product of her alchemy to Amad and waits for the scene to take place. What scene is going to take place? Keep watching to find out.