Qubool Hai : Cast

  • Surbhi Jyoti as Zoya
    Zoya is a progressive Muslim girl. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl who is contemporary in her approach. She comes across as the girl next door who is spontaneous, extrovert, uninhibited, chirpy and very energetic. She has had an upper middle class upbringing but she has no hassles in interacting with people above or below her social status. Though she comes across as a friendly person on the surface, she suffers from abandonment issues. Subconsciously she still carries the angst that her father had abandoned her as a child. She was brought up by her cousin sister and brother-in-law. Zoya had a carefree and protected upbringing and is a fiercely independent woman. She is vivacious and talkative but does not open up to people about her private life easily. She is adventurous by nature but sometimes lands into trouble for being foolishly so.
  • Raqesh Vashisth as Asad
    Asad (is like a coconut whose soft and caring heart is shielded by a tough exterior. He is restrained, well mannered, thoughtful and very polite. Asad is an introvert but is sensitive towards people's needs. He is well groomed and classy but due to the grave expression on his face, he is mistaken to be arrogant.  He is a workaholic. Like Zoya, Asad too has abandonment issues stemming from the fact that his father had deserted his family when he was still a child. He hopes to make his father suffer by making him realize that he had committed a big mistake by leaving his mother and his family. Asad had a disturbed and unstable childhood but,he has beaten all odds to make a success of himself. Asad has a close attachment with his family. Ayaan and his mother are the only two people who know about his embedded angst against his father, but they mostly keep it under wraps.
  • Vikrant Massey as Ayaan
    Ayaan is best described as stylish, charming and flamboyant. He loves pretty girls, bikes and dressing up on occasions. Being impulsive, playing pranks, flirting with girls and being carefree comes naturally to him. He is not inclined towards academics. He has not found his calling in life and he believes in living for the moment. Ayaan has a heart of gold but lacks maturity. He is comfortable in his position and does not feel the need to reach beyond himself for anything yet. Ayaan is very attached to his mother and brother, Asad, with whom he shares an endearing relationship. He does not carry any emotional baggage despite being part of a broken family.