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Qubool Hai : Cast

  • surbhi-jyoti-as-mahira
    Surbhi Jyoti as Mahira Mahira is a geeky girl next door - bespectacled with braces. She is drawn to a man with supernatural powers in a most unlikely love story.
  • rajbeer-singh-as-azad
    Rajbeer Singh as Azad Azad is the eldest child of Nawab Begum. He has a brooding nature, yet is a mature young man. Azad is gifted with supernatural powers.
  • surbhi-jyoti-as-sanam
    Surbhi Jyoti as Sanam

    22 years old. Sanam is a lookalike of her mother Zoya. And although she has grown up in a completely different set up has the same attitude to life as her mother. Behind the confident, independent exterior though lies a sensitive girl who misses not having parents. She is a survivor and has been from a very young ag...

  • karanvir-bohra-as-aahil-raza-ibrahim
    Karanvir Bohra as Aahil Raza Ibrahim

    30, rich, arrogant and spoilt. He is a rake who treats people with contempt, especially women. He is notorious for his philandering ways and gives two hoots about tradition or propriety. And yet behind his devilish exterior lies a deeply hurt soul. He carries the burden of an act that he believes he committed when h...

  • surbhi-jyoti-as-seher
    Surbhi Jyoti as Seher Twenty years ago, when Tanveer massacred the family, Dilshad managed to run off with the kids. However, in the frenzy, Dilshad did not realize the Seher was left behind. Sheher was rescued from the streets and grew up in an orphanage as her family could not be traced. So, Seher learnt to fend for herself at an early ag...