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Punar Vivah - zindagi milegi dobara June 11 Episode Video

About Episode:

Aarti starts the day by performing puja and singing the same bhajan that Arpita used to sing. In the previous episode, Vidhi had convinced Aarti to assume Arpita's persona in order to win over the children and Yash.

Gayatri fears that Yash would get furious as Aarti had reminded him of Arpita by singing the bhajan. Vidhi too fears that Yash would get furious and prays to God to help Aarti.

When Aarti offers prasad to Yash, he recollects the moment wherein Aprita used to offer him the prasad after the prayers. When Yash accepts the prasad, Aarti excitedly shares her happiness with Vidhi. After Yash leaves, Aarti thanks Vidhi for suggesting her to perform the prayers.

Aarti finds Palak upset after being reminded of Arpita. To cheer her up, Aarti suggests the children to play with Yash as it was a holiday.

The children approach Yash and request him to play catch and cook along with them. Yash refuses to play the game and states that their clothes would get dirty. At that time Aarti intervenes and tells Yash, not to worry about their clothes as they can wash them later. Yash recollects Arpita's words wherein she had asked him to not worry about clothes instead enjoy the play.

Yash, Aarti and the three children play with water in the garden. Gayatri gets happy when she sees Yash, Payal and Palak enjoying.

Paridi requests Pratik to convince Surajpratap to allow her to continue her job. She asks Pratik to seek Yash's help to convince Surajpratap.

After the game, Aarti comes to her room. She looks at Arpita's photograph and says to her that she had no intentions to make Payal and Palak forget her. All she wanted was to make her place in their heart.  

Aarti hands over a towel to Yash when she hears him sneeze. Yash hands it back to Aarti when she too sneezes. Meanwhile, Vidhi arrives and offers tea to the couple.

Vidhi reminds Yash how he would often get a cold after playing with his daughters and Arpita in the water. Yash gets nostalgic recollecting the moments spent with Arpita.

Telecast Date: June 11, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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