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Punar Vivah - zindagi milegi dobara July 17 Episode Video

About Episode:
It the previous episode Gayatri got impressed by Aarti as she had helped Yash in getting Neelam and Kunal married.

Aarti gets surprised when Gayatri returns Arpita's bangles to her. Gayatri apologizes to Aarti as she had created problems for her. Maya gets furious on overhearing their conversation.

Vidhi, Pratik and Pankaj try to make Yash realize Aarti's feelings for him. He refuses to believe that Aarti was in love with him. He adds that he and Aarti respect each other and so she had helped him in getting Neelam and Kunal married. He requests the trio not to force him to accept Aarti as his wife. Meanwhile, Aarti overhears their conversation and feels hurt.

Paridi has planned to go out for coffee with her friends on the following day. When she informs Pratik about it, he does not allow her. Pratik fears that Gayatri would not allow Paridi to go out with friends. Paridi does not pay heed to Pratik, instead asks him to join her.

Aarti gets confused when she sees Palak playing alone in the store room. When she enquires with Palak, she refuses to answer her. Aarti, however, feels that Palak was bothered about something but she was scared to share the problem.

Later Yash finds Aarti tensed and asks the reason. Aarti tells Yash that she felt Palak was upset. Yash pacifies Aarti and informs her that Palak was tensed about the inter-school debate competition. He adds that Palak wants to participate in the competition, but she has stage fright. Aarti requests Yash to help her in fulfilling Palak's wish by encouraging her.

On the following day, when the children return home from school, Palak pretends to suffer from stomach ache. She requests Gayatri not to send her to school on the following day. Ansh intervenes and tells Gayatri that Palak was not unwell but she was scared of the debate competition.

On Maya's request, Gayatri agrees not to send Palak to the school on the following day. Aarti, however, refuses and decides to send Palak to the school so that she can participate in the competition. When Maya confronts Aarti about it, she states that they should encourage Palak to participate in the debate competition as she was scared.

Maya, however, believes that Aarti should not allow Palak to participate in the competition against her wish.

Telecast Date: July 17, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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