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It's said that Marriage is an institution that brings two hearts closer, but can marriage be that institution which brings two broken hearts together?.

Does Marriage only happen once and remain for lifetime? Does Remarriage equate to marriage...does a person feel the same excitement, same enthusiasm about his remarriage as he felt about his first marriage. Along with remarriage , the duties, responsibilities  remain the same as marriage , even if you dont wish to yet  you have to fulfil these duties. Expectations from such remarriage remain the same as the first marriage, does an individual feel the same enthusiasm to fufill these dreams and expectations as the first marriage ?

Thus Punar Vivaah is a story about two individuals who are heartbroken, two individuals who have shared their lives with some else earlier, who have shared those magical moments of first marriage with someone else yet due to circumstances now they are bonded into the holy institution of marriage for a second time and from there begins the journey they embark upon thereafter.
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