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Ram Milaayi Jodi Oct 22 Episode Video Part 2

In the previous episode, Mona got surprised when noticed Hetal and Bharati on the road.

Just before, Mona could call out to them; Hetal and Bharati enter a rickshaw and leave.

Satnaam meets Karan on the road and requests him to return. Karan tells Satnaam that he
wants to stand abide by his decision and wants to follow his heart. Satnaam tries to convince Karan by asking him whether he would return if Darji asked him.

Karan sadly tells Satnaam that he knows that Darji would never ask him to return.

Mona informs Bharati that she saw her and Hetal in the marker. Mona states that if they did not want to take her along, they should have told her instead of lying to her that they were headed in the opposite direction.

At that time, Hetal enters the room and asks Mona to not interfere in her personal matters. She adds that she did not tell her where she and Bharati went because she does not want her to know the truth.

When Mona leaves the room, she finds Hetal's medical report. Hetal notices her reports in Mona's hands and quickly grabs them.

Hetal later tells Bharati that she wants her to keep her reports in her closet since she fears that Karan may come to know that she was pregnant.

Kalavati tells Vimmi that she must focus on convincing Hetal to return. At that time, Satnaam arrives and tells Vimmi that Karan would return only if Darji asked him to.

Keeping Ketaki and her orthodox ways in mind, Bharati tries her best to convince Mona to stay at her maternal place for a few days. She then asks Mona to get the guest room ready and change the cushion covers. She hands over her closet keys to Mona. Bharati gets apprehensive thinking how she was going to reveal to Baa and Bapuji about Ketaki's visit.

Satnaam compels Darji to call Karan back.

While finding the cushion covers in Bharati's closet, Mona finds Hetal's medical reports. Mona gets elated realizing that Hetal was pregnant. She believes that Hetal must be hiding about her pregnancy as she may want to surprise Karan. She gets apprehensive when she realizes that the Gandhis were not only hiding about Hetal's pregnancy from her but were also behaving indifferent towards her.

Serial: Ram Milaayi Jodi
Episode Number: 252
Telecast Date: October 22, 2011

What's happening

It is an interesting bittersweet tale of coming together of two culturally divergent families - both fiercely protective and assertive about their cultural identities. On a larger canvas, the story represents the dire need for tolerance and co-existence in our society as well.

Despite its socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic divides, India continues to be one land and one heart… a heart that nestles tolerance and acceptance, and that is the essence of the show.

Zee TV serial Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori...Ram Milaayi Jodi is the tale of Mona and Anukalp. Mona is Sikh while Anukalp is Gujarati. As fate would have it, Anukalp and Mona get married. However, the marriage has chances of succeeding only if the families bury their hatchet.


  • Sara Raza Khan as Mona
    Sara Raza Khan
  • Sujay Reu as Anukalp
    Sujay Reu
  • Kritika Desai as Bharati
    Kritika Desai
  • Riva Bubber as Vimmi
    Riva Bubber
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Interview with Ketaki Dave
Ketaki Masi of Ram Milaayi Jodi
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Mona gets elated on learning about Hetal's pregnancy.
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