Pavitra Rishta : Episode Guide

  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1230 - January 29, 2014 Mansi feels relaxed, after exposing Raunaq in front of her wife, Kinnari. Naren makes fun of Mansi and she starts blushing. On the other hand, Ovi and Arjun talks about Mr. Rishabh Kapoor and Purvi. Arjun seems tensed on Purvi's act. Naren makes the moment lite, with cracking jokes on Shashank and Mansi. Som drunk too much, that he can't control and falls down. Ankita says Prashant to help Som. Later, Raunaq comes in Shanshak & Mansi's marriage to take revenge. Further, he messages Mansi to come out, from another number. Mansi gets trapped in his plan and comes out. Raunaq finds the place safe and tries to molest Mansi. On the other side, Naren and Ankita shares a good moment together. To know in detail, watch this complete episode.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1229 - January 28, 2014 Raunaq gets frustrated, as Kinnari sends pictures and talks to her friends on call, on the occasion of their first night. Mansi asks Prashant, how doing a conference call, Prashant helps her. Mansi calls Kinnari and tells her that, Raunaq is not a good man and he is doing flirt with her. Kinnari not agrees on this, so Mansi took her on a conference and calls Raunaq. Raunaq says all, what he has in his dirty mind, about Kinnari and Mansi. Later, Kinnari fights with Raunaq and asks him to leave the room. Raunaq finds this as an insult and plans something deadly against Mansi. To know in detail, watch this episode.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1228 - January 27, 2014 Ankita calls Prashant and says that, she can't be there, as she is busy in Kinaari's Grah Paravesh ceremony, so he has to look after everything over there. Sunanda scolds Ankita for being on call for so long and says to participate in rituals. Further, Sunanda does the rituals with a happy face. Naren seems very excited to welcome the new bride in the Karamakar family. On the other hand, a light conversation takes a place between Manav and Teju. Teju tells Manav that, Pari is disturbed with Arjun & Purvi's marriage. Raunaq refuses to take a drink, but later he drinks, as he was provoked by his friends. Later, Ankita tells Kinnari that she can tell her, if she want anything, but Kinnari insults her and says her standard is higher than Ankita. On the other side, Shashank's mother introduces Mansi, with her relatives, while she gets Raunaq's message, which she didn't like. Later, Raunaq tries to flirt with Mansi and she gets upset with that. Mansi says Ankita to come with her, as she wants to talk with her. To know more, watch this complete episode.
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