Pavitra Rishta : Episode Guide

  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1224 - January 21, 2014 Soham wants to drink alcohol, but gets hesitated with Naren's presence there. He asks the waiter to give something to eat. Later, the dance competition begins between two hot couples, Raunaq & Kinnari and Naren & Ankita. Raunaq & Kinnari gave such a performance that burn the stage with some sizzling fire. Everybody were sure that, Anita is a chowl girl and she can't compete with Kinnari. Further, when Ankita comes on the stage with Naren, she was nervous, but Naren makes her comfortable and start dancing. They were outstanding with their chemistry. Sunanda was the judge to decide the best dancer, and she admits that Ankita was better than Kinnari. Further, Naren gets shocked and disappointed as Sunanda declares Kinnari & Raunaq as the winner, because she thinks it is an important day for them. On the other hand, A waiter drops drink on Mansi's dress. She goes in the washroom, while Raunaq follows her and tries to misbehave with her and insults Ankita and Nare. Later, Mansi comes on the stage and talks about Raunaq and his family, while Raunaq gets scared with Mansi's this step. To know in detail, watch the entire episode.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1223 - January 20, 2014 The episode starts with the sangeet function where Naren and Ankita walk down the stairs, everyone looks at them. On the other hand, Teju tells Archana about the clothes and jewellery they have to Purchase. Archana replies that she has booked a musical troupe for Arjun and Purvi's sangeet. Further, Kinaari is getting bored at the sangeet function. Stay tuned.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1222 - January 17, 2014 Watch latest "Pavitra Rishta" Episodes on .Kinnari asks Ankita about her dancing skills with the intention of, showing her down. Naren shows his faith in Ankita, as he is not too much focused on Kinnari's views. Later, Kinnari gets hurt and Naren makes fun of her, in front of Ankita. Ankita laughs at the situation, while Kinnari takes it personally and starts arguing with Ankita. Kinnari challenges her to dance on the Sangeet function. As the show progresses, Naren teaches some dance moves to Ankita, while she asks him, about his past and Naren tells her about his meeting with Ahana. On the other hand, Panditji comes out with the conclusion that, Mansi's marriage can happen after four days of Raunaq's marriage. This creates confusion for the family, as Naren can't attend some of the functions in the both marriages, in the same night. In the conversation with the family, Naren suggest his ideas for the timing, which was adjustable. Later, Raunaq tells Kinnari that Mansi tried to flirt with him. To know in detail, watch this complete show.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1221 - January 16, 2014 In the December 16 Episode of Pavitra Rishta, at the award function RK comes and sits on Purvi's table which confuses both Ovi and Arjun. Both, Arjun and RK are nominated for the award for the Best Businessman but RK wins. In his acceptance speech RK thanks his finance, Purvi. This news shocks both Ovi and Arjun. Later, with a heavy heart Arjun congratulates Purvi. RK and Purvi gets into an argument regarding Arjun where RK tells Purvi that he wants to marry her because of her loyalty. Meanwhile, Ovi tries to get sense into Arjun and asks him to confess the truth to Purvi. On the other hand, Naren wakes from a nightmare and hugs Ankita and calls her Ahana.
  • Pavitra Rishta Episode 1220 - January 15, 2014 In the December 15 Episode of Pavitra Rishta, Ovi finds Arjun sitting in a dark room and tries to convince him to join her for the award function so that he can overcome the pain that he has gone through. Kinnari complains to Raunak about the room and tells him that she wants a bigger room like the one his brother, Naren is have. Naren takes Kinnari to his room and tell her to shift into his room. Kinnari asks Ankita whether she would mind shifting to her to which Ankita readily agrees. Naren praises Ankita for being an understanding wife in front of Kinnari. Raunak tries to flirt with Mansi when he sees Mansi waiting for Shashank. Mansi insults Raunak in front of everyone and leaves. Arjun is surprised to see Purvi at the award function and he asks Ovi about Purvu. Ovi tells Arjun that Purvi couldn't go to Canada because she cares for him.