Pavitra Rishta : Cast

  • Ankita Lokhande as Archana
    The main character of PavitraRishta is a responsible housekeeper and dutiful daughter, but because of that duty not well educated. After her marriage to Manav collapses, she completes her education and attempts to rebuild a life with adopted daughter Purvi, but she never gets over the loss of her husband and other children.
  • Savita Prabhune as Sulochana Manohar Karanjkar
    Kind, considerate and humility personified, Sulochana (Savita Prabhune) is a typical Maharashtrian housewife. She worries about finding a suitable match for her daughter Archana. Fears of failure, results in Sulochana getting panic attacks.
    A woman of principles, Sulochana is fiercely protective of her family.
  • Aamir Dalvi as Manohar Karanjkar

    Sulochana's husband and Archana's father, Manohar (60) is very practical by nature and has seen several ups and downs in life. Currently leading a retired life after several years of service in Indian Railways, Manohar never loses his cool even in tense situations. He has frequent arguments with Sulochana over Archana's marriage. Manohar loves Archana a lot and always support her.

  • Usha Nadkarni as Savita Deshmukh
    She is Manav's mother. She initially hated Archana and desperately wanted Manav to divorce her and marry Shravani, but later she started loving Archana like her own daughter. Now that Manav has re-married Archana, she hates Archana again and drives them out of the house. She has got more selfish, as shown when she takes baby Sachin away from Shravani. Her greed for wealth makes her appear bad, but she loves her family wholeheartedly. She finally takes Archana and Manav back to her house. But feels insecure of losing Manav and starts plotting to separate them. She also breaks Sachin and Archana's relationship. Finally succeeds in doing that. After 18 years, when Manav meets Archana again, she feels insecure again, and makes divorce papers and fakes Archana's sign on it. Sachin helps her too as he believes that Archana separated him from his real mother.
  • Ankita Lokhande as Anikta Raghav Mhatre
    She is our female protagonist after 18yr leap.she is soham's elder daughter who exactly looks like Archana or replica of her.she is todays girl who tooks the responsibility of her sibblings on her and she even gets married to a mad person for the secure life of her sibblings.