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About the Show

Maayka begins with Ma or mother in other words the house that reminds you of your mother.
That seemingly ordinary door step, next to that invisible wall that separates a woman's present from her past. One little step on the other side takes a 60-year-old to her toddling years. It is often said that even if you leave your maayka after marriage you are always bound to it by some bitter, some sweet memories.
Have you ever noticed how even the happiness in your sasural is dimmed when the maayka doesn't shine so brightly or how even the biggest problems seem easy enough to solve when you rest in the knowledge that everything is well back at home?

That is Maayka for a woman an eternal source of strength, courage and wisdom.
Maayka that house that has its arms, heart and door always open for a woman...This story is of three such daughters and their family their home their Maayka.

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