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Ladies Special August 29, 2009 Kritika Sharma Wins

Serial: Ladies Special
Episode Number:12
Telecast Date: August 29, 2009
Women of the Series.

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Hasne Hasaane Ka Tonic... Ladies Special (Sat, 8.30 pm) on Zee TV is a standup comedy show that for the first time in India has given a platform to women from various backgrounds, professions and occupations to showcase their humor quotient. The show sees the world through the perspective of women - finding comedy in mundane everyday life. Women have always been known as homemakers, wives, mothers etc. but now they show their comic side and have everyone rolling in laughter! Ladies Special is the search for 'India's Funniest Female Stand-Up Comedian' and has eight contestants and three challengers trying their best to keep people in splits with their stories on daily life. From domestic issues, relationships, to cricket and politics - these women present life to the world with their unique twist on all things. Contestants from all over India - aged from 16 to 60 - participate and entertain audiences in 18 weeks of laughter and fun. Two judges - rapstar Baba Sehgal and yesteryears actress Tabassum -judge the funny-quotient of all contestants. One contestant gets eliminated every week depending on the judges' scores. Challengers are called into the competition regularly to add an element of excitement and suspense. After 18 weeks of competition, one woman will emerge with the title of 'India's Funniest Woman'. For years, men have cracked jokes at the expense of women, now with Hasne Hasaane Ka Tonic... Ladies Special it's payback time!
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In the latest episode of Zee TV's Hasne Hasane Ka Tonis - Ladies Special, contestant Neeti Wagh, presented an outstanding act wherein she portrayed the character of a maid (bai).

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Women of the Series.

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