Jodha Akbar : Episode Guide

  • Jodha Akbar - Episode 275 - July 03, 2014 Jodha is worried about Shehnaaz and Mahamanga is worried that her truth will come out and hence asks her son Adham Khan to help her in shifting Chand Begum from her current place of hiding. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz reaches her army camp and finds out that Chuchak Begum's army will soon be arriving. Meanwhile, many search parties are looking for Chand Begum. Akbar too joins the search and meanwhile, Mahamanga goes to Chand Begum and tries to convince her to shift to a new place. Mahamanga gets shocked to see Akbar outside the cave. Will Akbar manage to find Chand Begum? Find out here.
  • Jodha Akbar - Episode 274 - July 02, 2014 Akbar chases Shehnaaz but Shehnaaz uses Rahim as her shield and manages to flee from the kingdom. Meanwhile, Todarmal is about to receive his punishment and just then Akbar reaches the spot and orders for Todarmal to be freed. He apologizes to todarmal and tells him about Shehnaaz escaping from the kingdom. Adham gives all the information about Shehnaaz escaping the kingdom and about Akbar learning the truth, to his mother Mahamanga. Meanwhile, Akbar continues his search for Nigaar aka Shehnaaz. Will Akbar find out about Shehnaaz's mission to attack Akbar's kingdom? Watch the entire episode here.
  • Jodha Akbar - Episode 273 - July 01, 2014 Chuchak begum is ready with her army to attack Akbar, meanwhile Akbar is worried as he has given his verdict against Todarmal. Jodha gets shocked when she finds out that Shehnaaz was only pretending to be immature and is actually completely fine. Jodha slaps Shehnaaz, but her doubts turns into reality when Shehnaaz stops her hand and shows her true colours. She reveals to Jodha her true identity and her actual reason to enter the kingdom. Jodha learns that Shehnaaz is Chand Begum's daughter and Akbar's elder sister and that her real name is Nigaar. Later Akbar reaches the spot and gets shocked when he learns of Shehnaaz's true identity. What will Akbar's reaction be? Watch the entire episode here.
  • Jodha Akbar - Episode 272 - June 30, 2014 Akbar announces the punishment for Todarmal and orders his men to kill Todarmal by putting him in front of a cannon. Shehnaaz meanwhile reveals to Mahamanga about the army that Begum Chuchak will be sending to attack Akbar. Zakira gets shocked seeing Todarmal in the prison and is surprised to learn that Shehnaaz is responsible for this. Meanwhile a storm disturbs the entire kingdom and Jodha assumes this to be a signal from the nature. Akbar meanwhile is extremely upset as his friend is going to be dead tomorrow and expresses his sadness in front of Jodha Begum. Watch the entire episode here.
  • Jodha Akbar - Episode 271 - June 28, 2014 Todarmal follows Shehnaaz as he suspects her to be involved in an attempt to kill Akbar. Shehnaaz meanwhile is trying to enter Akbar's chamber. She soon realizes that Todarmal has been following her and decides to lay a trap on Todarmal. She pretends like she had been assaulted by someone, and when Akbar and Jodha find her crying and her torn clothes they believe her lies. They later ask her to identify the culprit who had done this to her. Find out whom Shehnaaz blames for this crime. Also find out what Akbar and Jodha's reaction to this will be.