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Jodha Akbar

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About the Show

Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. But much more then that it's the marriage of contrasts.

Jallaludin Mohommad (Akbar) who had inherited his father, Humayan's Mughal Empire at the age of 13, after his father's death, had been brought up almost like a trained assassin by Bairam Khan, his father's supreme commander. Hard-nosed, rough, tough and heartless... and priding himself on the each of those facets of his personality, the only thing Akbar had learnt was to expand his empire - at the cost of others lives - at the cost of emotions - at the cost of love - the word he was never familiar with.

Whilst Jodha, the daughter of Raja Bharmal, the Rajput King of Amer (one of the most affluent Rajput Kingdom's of its time) valued each of those emotions - valued the life of even the birds and bees of her kingdom - she only hated the Mughal's whom she felt were intruding upon her land, and wanted to oust them from Rajputana, along with their Emperor Jallaluddin, whom she hated with her heart.

Little did Akbar know at the time of his marriage to Jodha, the fiery Rajput princess, in order to expand his empire into Rajputana, the land of the Valiant Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking upon a new journey - the journey of true love - he would discover the heart which he never felt he had - and it would throb for its rightful lover - Jodha.


  • Rajat Tokas as Akbar
    Rajat Tokas
  • Paridhi Sharma as Jodhaa
    Paridhi Sharma
  • Ashvini Kalsekar as Maha Manga
    Ashvini Kalsekar
    Maha Manga
  • Chetan Hansraj as Adham Khan
    Chetan Hansraj
    Adham Khan
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Episode Guide

Jodha Akbar - Episode 566 - August 7, 2015 - Full Episode
Akbar announces about the prestige that Jodha deserves. Before Akbar could announce the title, Rukhaiyaa intervenes and requests him as to whether she could announce this title for Jodha. Akbar grants her the permission to do so. Rukhaiyaa then uncovers a coin that now has the name of Jodha and she
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