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Jhansi Ki Rani - Episode 185 - 06-05-2010

About Episode:
The Prime Minister and Raghunath inform Gangadhar that they have found no lead yet. It is announced that the reward for any information about the blast has been increased from 5000 gold coins to 8000. Somebody in the crowd utters Lallans name. Just then, Marshall who is in disguise takes Lallan away. Lallan retorts that he will tell the king the truth, so Marshall gets angry. Gangadhar, disguised as a commoner, follows Lallan but loses track. Sleeman arrives and orders Marshall out of Jhansi to prevent any further trouble. Gangadhar bumps into Lallans wife who says that she had warned Lallan not to get involved with those people. When the king asks her who they were, she goes away midway without answering. Meanwhile, Chimnabai sprinkles water on a tired Laxmibai and goes to wipe her forehead but Laxmibai stops her and vows not to remove the colour and the bloodstain until she seeks revenge for Prachis death. Laxmibai refuses to eat or drink anything too, but Gangadhar manages to convince her. Gangadhar continues his work as a spy and tries to extract information from the locals about the three guards who were absent during the procession. They mention that Lallan is a staunch devotee of Goddess Durga and prepares fireworks for the procession himself. Gangadhar asks Raghunath to keep an eye on Lallan. Lallans wife decides to tell the king everything, and on her way, she screams aloud. Gangadhar and Raghunath rush to the place, only to see Lallans dead body. The murder confirms Gangadhars suspicion about a conspiracy. Gangadhar then sees something in Lallans hand. On the other hand, Marshall sees one medal missing from his coat. Has Gangadhar finally found his lead? Stereo Audio

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