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The race has begun and it is going to be a test of grit & determination, spontaneity, talent and showmanship until 'Cera India's Best Cine Stars Ki Khoj powered by Glam up' announces the winner of its hunt for the most versatile, charismatic cine star. With the guidance of the judges on the show - Anurag Basu, Victor and Sonali Bendre, the contestants will undergo an experience that will equip them to face the ground realities of Bollywood at the end of the competition. Aspiring actors will step out of their comfort zones, go outdoors, attempt daredevil stunts in action special episodes, perform unscripted, impromptu acts in uncontrolled environments like malls and other public places, enact complicated sequences enhanced by special effects to understand what it means to be a Cinestar.

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