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Hitler Didi Jan 9 Episode Video

About Episode:

Sameer is surprised on learning from Natasha that Ricky had called her up and was supposed to meet her. Sameer asks Natasha for the address where Ricky had called her.

When Munna gets released from the jail, he returns home. He is elated on learning that Sunaina was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Indira returns home along with Ishaan. She is furious to see Munna.

Inder is surprised when he learns that Jhumpa got Munna freed from the jail. Inder doubts Jhumpa's intentions and enquires. He is shocked when Jhumpa replies that she wants to ruin the Sharma family. Jhumpa, however, does not reveal her entire plan to Inder.

Jhumpa plans to ruin Munna's life to avenge her insult. She also plans to compel Munna to follow her instructions.

When Sameer visits the place, where Ricky has called Natasha to meet him, he sees Natasha weeping. On enquiring, Sameer learns that Ricky met Natasha and broke up his relationship with her. She informs Sameer that Ricky was going back to the US and that he had given a card for him. The card reads that Ricky was going back to US and had come to Delhi to end his relationship with a girlfriend so that she could move on in her life.

Meanwhile, Rishi tries to convince Indira to forgive Munna. Indira, however, refuses as she is confident that Munna would never change his behavior. Indira fears that Ishaan will follow Munna's footsteps in the future. She also believes that Munna will neither take responsibility of Ishaan nor of his prospective child. Meanwhile, Sunaina eavesdrops on their conversation and feels hurt. Sunaina decides to take some drastic step, if Munna does not change his behavior and take responsibility of their family.

Telecast Date: January 9, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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