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Hitler Didi Jan 10 Episode Video

About Episode:

Munna gives Rs 500 to Ishaan and asks him to play lottery on his behalf. He tells Ishaan that he would collect the lottery ticket in the evening. Munna also requests Ishaan not to inform Sunaina and Indira about it.

Ishaan being innocent puts money at risk. Meanwhile, Munna leaves.

When Ishaan leaves the lottery shop, he trips and falls in the mud because of which his uniform gets dirty. To change the uniform, Ishaan returns home.

Sunaina gets furious when she sees the lottery ticket in Ishaan's hand. She is further furious on learning that Munna had asked Ishaan to play the lottery.

Sunaina feels sad as she believes that Munna will never change his behavior and would never take responsibility of their family. Meanwhile, she reads an advertisement in the newspaper regarding an abortion clinic. She decides to abort her pregnancy.

Sunaina asks Rishi to drop her to some place. She, however, does not tell him about her plan. On their way, they get stuck in a heavy traffic. Sunaina gets down from the bike and secretly leaves. Rishi is left confused when he fails to find Sunaina.

Sameer plans to redevelop Sharma Niwas into a commercial building. He discusses his plan with his colleague. 

When Sunaina arrives at the clinic, she sees a woman who had undergone miscarriage crying inconsolably. Sunaina is left in dilemma whether or not to abort the child.

Telecast Date: January 10, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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