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Hitler Didi Feb 14 Episode Video

About Episode:

In the previous episode, a lady driver knocked down pedestrians, one of which was Indira. The woman put the blame on her driver and sneaked out of the car. The angry mob started hitting the driver black and blue.

Indira notices the woman and realizes that she was the real culprit. When the woman tries to run away, Indira catches her. The woman gets furious and asks Indira to let her go. Indira refuses to set her free instead drags her to her car. Indira stops the mob and reveals to them that the woman was the culprit and not her driver. Indira also forces the her to pay compensation to a vendor whose cart she had banged against.

Rishi goes to a drama troupe and seeks help of two artistes to pose as his parents in front of Indira and her family. He guides them to behave very stern with him in front of Indira so that she does not insist on meeting them again. On the other hand, Sameer meets the same woman whom Indira had taught a lesson and informs her that Rishi was in Delhi. The woman is Mrs Diwan, Sameer and Rishi's mother. She is surprised to learn that Rishi was in Chandni Chowk and expresses desire to meet him.

Indira returns home and announces to the family that she had decided to marry Rishi. The family is left shocked. She also informs them that Rishi's parents were to visit their house in the evening.

Indira is worried as she does not have good clothes to wear in the evening. She asks Kutumb to lend her a sari but she refuses. Indira gets furious and realizes that her family was very selfish. Amma hears Indira cursing her fate and calls out to her.

Kutumb and Sunaina are worried about Indira's decision. They curse Indira for rejecting Sameer's proposal and losing the chance of earning a huge amount of money.

Indira gets emotional when Amma gifts her gold bangles.

Telecast Date: February 14, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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