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Hitler Didi - Episode 377 - April 25, 2013

About Episode:
In the April 25 Episode of Hitler Didi, Shweta leaves the Sharma house after Indira urges her to do so. Indira and Indu rushes out of the house on hearing Shweta's screams. The Sharmas realize Shweta to be in danger. Soon, a bunch of men start attacking Indu and Shweta. Rishi and Munna come to their rescue. Shweta however gets hurt after a goon hits her on her stomach. Indira and the other female members of the family, treat Shweta medically. They manage to protect Shweta and her baby. Rishi and Kutumbh admire Indira for treating Shweta with immense care.

Telecast Date: April 25, 2013
Episode Number: 377
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