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Hitler Didi Aug 10 Episode Video

About Episode:
Rishi dressed up in Punjabi attire; address himself as Jazz and challenges Indira that he would defeat her in the dance competition. Indira, however, does not recognize him.

Shweta, who is a doctor, decides to examine Dr Kashyap's patients as he was unwell.

Indira comes to meet Dr Kashyap but the nurse guides her to Shweta's cabin. Indira get shocked when she sees Shweta and recollects that she was Rishi's friend.

When Shweta comes out of her cabin, Indira secretly sneaks inside and robs her medical file so that Shweta does not learn about her illness.

Sunaina rejoices when she earns money after stitching a dress. Sunaina shares her happiness with Indira. It is revealed that Indira had asked the customer to get her dress stitched from Sunaina so that she starts earning.

Jazz tries to bribe the Indira's dance partner to help him get Indira defeated. Meanwhile, Indira arrives and enquires with the duo about their conversation. Rishi gets surprised when he sees Indira decked up.   

At the venue, Indira gets surprised when she sees Shweta. Indira gets shocked on learning that Shweta was aware about her illness. Shweta tells Indira that she had mistakenly robbed someone else's file from her cabin. Indira warns Shweta not to inform Rishi about her illness.

Shweta tries to convince Indira to reveal the truth to Rishi. She also tries to convince Indira to undergo the treatment to cure the brain tumor. Indira, however, refuses to undergo the treatment as she was worried about her family. Shweta gets impressed by Indira and assures not to inform anybody about her illness.  

As per Jazz's requests Indira's dance partner does not perform well. He purposely pushes Indira due to which she sprains her leg. Indira gets furious on learning that Jazz had asked her partner not to perform well. Rishi gets furious and teaches Indira's partner a lesson.

Indira confronts Jazz and reveals to him that she was suffering from brain tumor. Shweta overhears their conversation and believes that Rishi would help Indira to get rid of her illness.

Telecast Date: August 10, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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