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Hitler Didi Apr 17 Episode Video

About Episode:

Rishi is on his way to meet the pundit to fix mahurat for his and Indira's wedding. On his way, Rishi enquires about the pundit with some local boys. The boys get surprised on learning that Rishi has decided to marry Indira.

After Rishi leaves, the boys see Mandira and try to flirt with her. They embarrass her by passing filthy comments about the rape incident.

Indira panics when Ishaan returns home crying. On enquiring, Ishaan shows a note stuck on his school bag by his friends. Indira gets furious after reading the note which has a comment written about Mandira. Ishaan complains to Indira that his friends passed filthy comments on Mandira and so he does not want to go to school. Indira tries to pacify Ishaan and tells him to be strong and fight against the problem.

Meanwhile, Mandira arrives and complains about the boys to Indira. The family hears the commotion and rush out. Mandira informs the family that the locals humiliate her by passing filthy comments. She accuses Indira of not being concerned about the family's problems and wanting to get married.

When Indira gets furious and states that she was always concerned about her family, Mandira questions her about her decision to get married.  

Munna and Kutumb get furious on learning that Indira has decided to get married to Rishi. Kutumb confronts Indira and curses her. At that time Rishi arrives and announces the wedding date.

Rishi gets shocked when Indira refuses to marry him. He gets extremely angry when Indira tries to explain him the reason behind her decision. He refuses to listen to the explanation, instead accepts Indira's decision. When Rishi leaves, Indira tries to stop him but fails.

An upset Rishi comes to the farmhouse where he had earlier confined Indira. During the abduction, Rishi had made preparation for his and Indira's wedding with an intention to threaten Sameer. Rishi feels hurt when he sees the garlands and recollects Indira's refusal.

He collects all the decayed flowers along with a pair of garlands and sets them on fire.  Rishi is about to throw the box of mangalsutra away but at that time Indira arrives and stops him.

Telecast Date: April 17, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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