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Hitler Didi : Episode Guide

  • Hitler Didi - Episode 403 - May 31, 2013 In the May 31 Episode of Hitler Didi, Inder gets shocked after he accidently meets Tauji, his lookalike outside the Sharma house. Indira gets irritated after she meets Tauji, who asks her to stay with Rishi's family at the Jwala Nivaas. Rishi teases Indira on her inability to be a housewife and pertain to the responsibilities of being a housewife. Indira gets defensive and challenges Rishi, by confirming her stay at Jwala Nivaas for a good hundred days. Indira tries to charm her family, by preparing a sweet dish in order to celebrate her last few days in the Sharma house. But, she receives dejection and insult in return.
  • Hitler Didi - Episode 402 - May 30, 2013 In the May 30 Episode of Hitler Didi, Indira insults Tauji on his arrival at the Sharma house. Rishi stops Indira at the moment and introduces his uncle, Tauji to the Sharma family. Tauji mentions Indira's ailing condition at the hospital and Rishi's attempt of dying, as his reason to give money for Indira's treatment. Tauji also tells Indira to leave her maiden home and stay with Rishi, at the Jwala Nivaas. He further adds Rishi in his strategy to convince Indira and bring her to the Jwala Nivaas.
  • Hitler Didi - Episode 401 - May 29, 2013 In the May 29 Episode of Hitler Didi, Rishi asks the doctor about the person who gave money for Indira's treatment. The doctor hesitates at first, but later, points out towards a moving car. Rishi sees the car and realizes that the person was none other than Tauji. Rishi visits Tauji's house to find out the reason behind his gesture. Tauji reveals to him about his motive in private. Indira returns home safely with Rishi after getting discharged from the hospital. The Sharmas are shocked to see Tauji enter their house.
  • Hitler Didi - Episode 400 - May 28, 2013 In the May 28 Episode of Hitler Didi, Inder regrets for stabbing a knife in Indira's back. However badly injured, Indira manages to meet Rishi. Rishi get stunned after watching Indira in an injured condition. He enrols her in a hospital but, fails to submit the entire amount for her treatment. In order to gain the money for her treatment, he decides to commit suicide, with an intention, to receive the money from the insurance company. Inder on the other hand, feels ashamed for his mistake and pleads Kutumbh to help him out. Rishi gets clueless after Indu admires him, for arranging the money for Indira's treatment.
  • Hitler Didi - Episode 397 - May 23, 2013 In the May 23 Episode of Hitler Didi, Pappi (Rishi) makes Indu realise her responsibilities towards her mother in her pregnant condition. Indu however, showers her concern and bother for her mother. Indira, Indu and Pappi make a visit to the hospital for a routine check up. The doctor informs Indira to take certain precaution for her baby's wellbeing. Indira later spends time with Pappi in her room. Indira's conversation with Pappi, makes Pappi realise her bother for him. Rishi hence, decides to prove his innocence to his family.