EK Mutthi Aasmaan : Cast

  • Shilpa Shirodhkar as Kamala Tai Kamala Tai is Mother India. A simple village woman from Satara, Maharashtra, who had to take up domestic work after marriage to Vithal, a mill worker who found himself without a livelihood after the textile mills in Mumbai shut down. Kamala bai entered the Kapoor household and. gradually, became an indispensable part of the family to the extent that when she delivered her own daughter, Kalpana, she could not stay home long enough to breast feed her because Nilu, the elder Kapoor bahu had also just delivered a girl-child and needed Kamala Tai desperately to take care of the infant. Nilu showed no interest in her baby and refused to risk her figure.

    Therefore, Kamala Tai took pity on the poor, neglected baby and breast fed her. Paradoxically, her own daughter had to be bottle fed by relatives. Kamala Tai is a fountainhead of wisdom yet innocent in the ways of the world. She toils all day, running the Kapoor household, supervising the other servants, taking care of the growing children (now teenagers, Prem and Poochi) from morn till dusk. Then she returns to her humble home where she cooks and cleans and looks after the needs of Vithal and her own children, Pakiya (18) and Kalpana (16) everybody clamors for Kamala Tai's attention to fulfill their needs. But does anyone bother to ask Kamala Tai what she wants? Kamala Tai too has a dream. And that dream is to educate her children so that they can have a better future. She knows that only education can liberate the under-privileged. She wants to gift them that liberation as a mother. So she toils - tirelessly, uncomplainingly, and lovingly. Her eyes see beyond the poverty and deprivation to a glorious future for Pakiya and Kalpana. Therefore, she is strict when it comes to studies. She takes on the added burden but she does not let Kalpana waste time on housework. She makes sure that Kalpana concentrates on her studies. On the other hand, Poochi demands and gets pampered by Kamala Tai!