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Doli Armaanon Ki : Episode Guide

  • Doli Armaanon Ki - Episode 482 - September 25, 2015 - Full Episode Daamini escapes from the jail and carries a loaded pistol along with her. She has made her mind up to destroy Urmi and her family. The police alert Urmi about Daamini escaping the jail. As feared, Daamini reaches Urmi's home and puts the family under danger. She takes out the pistol and is ready to fire it on Diya. Before Daamini could make her fatal move, Urmi rushes for a pistol and shoots her in turn killing her. Daamini's death brings the end to the show, Doli Armaano Ki.
  • Doli Armaanon Ki - Episode 481 - September 24, 2015 - Full Episode Daamini is arrested and Ishaani unites with her mother. Urmi's family seems to be better now. Diya arrives home and is greeted by everybody. Diya comes to know that Shaurya loves her. Shaurya takes care of Diya and helps her recover. Later, Shaurya plays a prank with Diya where he claims that he would be going to UK for work and he would be away for six months. Diya gets shocked and turn pale. Later, Diya meets Shaurya and makes a proposal to him. Stay tuned to know more.
  • Doli Armaanon Ki - Episode 480 - September 23, 2015 - Full Episode The family realizes that Ishaani is missing and Shaurya is searching for her sister. Urmi consoles Shaurya by saying that the police are doing their best to find Ishaani. Daamini reaches the scene and claims that the criminal is Jaamdar, who might have kidnapped Ishaani. Daamini makes up a story so no one doubts her. At the same time, the police reach the scene and claim that the criminal is Daamini. Ishaani shows up at the scene and narrates the entire incident to her family. Daamini is arrested by the police and Ishaani reunites with her mother. Stay tuned to know more.
  • Doli Armaanon Ki - Episode 479 - September 22, 2015 - Full Episode Daamini calls Urmi up and enquires about Diya's condition, Urmi, who does not know about the conspiracy against her, talks normally with Daamini and informs her about the incident. When Urmi enquires about Ishaani, Daamini lies to her saying that she is in her room, resting. On the other hand, Shaurya prays and places a burning cotton lamp on his palm and challenges saying that he would only remove the lamp when his hand when Diya regains consciousness. Will Shaurya's prayers be answered? Keep watching to find out.
  • Doli Armaanon Ki - Episode 478 - September 21, 2015 - Full Episode Ishaani meets Urmi and informs her that her life is in danger. Soon, few thugs reach the spot and point a gun at Urmi. Diya, who is going to the restaurant, witnesses the gun pointed at Urmi. Urmi pushes Ishaani aside before the gun could be fired. The gun is fired but the bullet hits Diya as she intervenes Urmi in order to save her. The thugs leave the scene and Diya is taken to the hospital. An infuriated Ishaani then confronts Daamini and says that her real face has finally been revealed. Ishaani insults Daamini and leaves her flabbergasted. What will Daamini's do when she finds out that her real face has come out? Keep watching to find out.