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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se : Cast

  • mansi-shrivastav-as-shivani-rana
    Mansi Shrivastav as Shivani Rana Shivani Rana: Our Protagonist- Shivani Rana was born and raised in Jaipur. She belongs to a super-rich Rajasthani family on the fringes of royalty.  In the beginning of our story, she is about 20 years of age. She lost both her parents in a plane crash when she was just a toddler. After that,...
  • alok-nath-as-balwant-rana
    Alok Nath as Balwant Rana Balwant Rana is 70 years old. He belongs to a super-rich Rajasthani family on the fringes of royalty. He's a righteous old man. A widower, and having lost his only son and bahu in a plane crash, he has brought up his grandchildren Jaswant and Shivani with utmost love and care.
  • rucha-guajrati-as-mahima-rana
    Rucha Guajrati as Mahima Rana Mahima Rana: The 23-year-old Vimmi is Jaswant's wife. Having seen ups and downs of her businessman father, today she's a very shrewd young woman with a keen sense of how to keep up a comfortable life. It does not matter to her whether the means are ethical or otherwise, as long as her goals are achieve...
  • arhaan-behl-as-raghu
    Arhaan Behl as Raghu Raghu: For the past several years, Raghu has been working as a personal assistant to the rich Balwant Rana – Shivani's grandfather. He's been Ranaji's errand boy, personal assistant and bodyguard, all rolled into one. For Raghu, Ranaji is God, and he devotedly strives to do anything, everything ...
  • -as-abhimanyu
    Akshat Gupta as Abhimanyu Abhimanyu: The 25-year-old Abhimanyu was born in a Delhi-based trader family. His late paternal grandfather and the Jaipur-based Balwant Rana were friends, and subsequently their sons, Abhimanyu's father and Jaswant-Shivani's father, became business partners. When Abhimanyu was 11 years old, his parent...