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Dil Se Diya... Vachan : ABOUT THE SHOW

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About the Show

Nihar Almond Hair Oil presents Dil Se Diya... Vachan, a gripping and endearing story that showcases a powerful true life story about the deep love, trust, bonding and attachment between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.
In most cultures the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship is expected to be filled with thorny tensions. In striking contrast is the relationship of Dr Kalyani and Nandini described in Nihar Almond Hair Oil Dil Se Diya…Vachan.
The lead protagonist Dr Kalyani adores and cares for her daughter-in-law Nandini as if she were her own daughter. The show is an emotional and poignant struggle between family members as a mother-in-law stands by her daughter- in-law during trying times.
Nihar Almond Hair Oil Dil Se Diya...Vachan is all set to redefine and create a new vision regarding the relationship of saas and bahu on Indian television. The positive side of the relationship and the heartwarming storytelling of Nihar Almond Hair Oil Dil Se Diya...Vachan will be one that will set trends amongst fiction shows on Indian television.


  • Neena Gupta as Dr Kalyani Rajadhyaksha
    Neena Gupta
    Dr Kalyani Rajadhyaksha
  • Ravi Mankane as Gautam Rajadhyaksha
    Ravi Mankane
    Gautam Rajadhyaksha
  • Vandana Joshi as Nandini
    Vandana Joshi
  • Gaurav Khanna as Prem Rajadhyaksha
    Gaurav Khanna
    Prem Rajadhyaksha
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Episode Guide

Dil Se Diya Vachan Episode 50
Kalyani requests Nandini to reveal about her past to Prem only after Prapti's engagement.
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