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Chhoti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan : Episode Guide

  • Chhoti Bahu-Sindoor Bin Suhagan September 4 Episode Video Part 1

    Rajjan reaches the marriage venue and heaves a sigh of relief thinking that he has done away with Dev forever. He rejoices thinking that he will soon rule Agra in the part 1 of the Sep 4 episode of Chotti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan on Zee TV.

    Rajjan's happiness, however, is short-lived. Mata Ramji trains her gun at him and says that he need not rejoice as her goons will never let Abhay and Radhika reach the marriage venue.

    Abhay and Radhika reach outside the mandap but are stopped by goons. The goons trick them into believing that they are leading them to where Rajjan and Dev have called them.

    Dev arrives with the baraat. Devaki welcomes him with the aarti. However, worry and anxiousness about Radhika are evident in her and Shatriji's eyes. Dev gets concerned seeing them.

    Dadi requests Mahantji if the jaymala ritual can be postponed a bit as Vaishali is unwell. Before Mahantji can announce his decision, Mata Ramji butts in and says that all the rituals as per the mahurat or else the purpose of performing the marriage on the day of akhti is defeated. Mahantji agrees much to Mata Ramji's pleasure.

    Mata Ramji goes to the room where Radhika and Abhay have been confined by the goons. She orders them to set the room on fire. Radhika screams for help but no one is around.

    The pandit summons the bride for the pheras. A veiled Kanika arrives. Dev is once again haunted with images of his earlier marriage with Radhika. He is about to garland the Kanika when a sadhu rushes in and announces that the outhouse has caught fire and a woman is trapped inside. Mata Ramji gets furious as her plan is about to go bust.

    Everyone rushes to the outhouse. Dev sees Radhika trapped inside and tries to go in. Birju tries to stop him but Dev overpowers him and enters the outhouse.

    He sees Radhika suffocate and fall down unconscious.

    Will Dev be able to save Radhika?
  • Chhoti Bahu-Sindoor Bin Suhagan September 4 Episode Video Part 2

    Dev manages to save Radhika from the fire in the outhouse. In the part 2 of the Sep 4 episode of Chotti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan on Zee TV, when Radhika regains consciousness she reveals to Dev the truth about Mata Ramji.

    She narrates how Mata Ramji's goons kidnapped her and Abhay and set the outhouse on fire. Abhay too makes an appearance. Kanika gets emotional seeing him.  

    Mata Ramji tries to dissuade Dev from believing Radhika's words. However, the story takes a surprise twist when Dev declares that he has regained his memory and that only Radhika is his real wife and the Purohits his real family.

    Kanika too gathers strength and says that she wants to reunite with Abhay and live with him and their son Dipu.

    Mata Ramji gets furious and threatens Dev with the legal documents he had signed saying that he will marry Kanika. Radhika asks Mata Ramji to show her the documents and tears them off. Mata Ramji looks on in horror. Knowing that her plans have gone kaput, she leaves the scene.

    Dev and Radhika are happily remarried on the holy day of akhti.

    After the function, Shastriji and Devaki heave a sigh of relief and thank the God for blessing them with a divine soul like Radhika. However, Ammaji taunts them that they are calling a girl like Radhika who they had found abandoned on the steps of the temple a divine soul.

    The story changes track and shifts to the house of an eccentric old man by the name of Pandit Tara Shankar who is narrating his story to a neighbor. Tara Shankar is furious at his daughter Imarti who has turned to thefts and pick pocketing. He says that he committed a mistake by abandoning a gem on the temple steps and keeping a stone with him. He tells him how he abandoned one of his daughters in the temple as he could not afford to look after them after the death of his wife.

    Tara Shankar then abruptly screams at the neighbor and asks him to get lost. He yells at

    Imarti and asks her to stop stealing or kill him. Imarti answers back in a rude and crass tone asking her father to kill himself and not trouble her. Who is Imarti?

  • Chhoti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan Episode 440

    At night, Vaishali, Vivek and Birju are worried as Radhika has not returned home and it's raining heavily in the July 9 episode of Chhoti Bahu aired on Zee TV.

    Abhay (Dev) is offended to see Radhika standing under his window at night waiting for him. He goes down to request Radhika to leave. However, Radhika is so pleased to see Dev, she embraces him. Kanika is infuriated as he observes Abhay and Radhika from the window.

    Abhay once again tells Radhika he is not her Dev and pleads her to leave. Abhay believes Radhika is destroying her own character by these acts. He decides to leave Radhika home.

    An angry Kanika vows not to let Radhika succeed in snatching Abhay from her. Kanika decides to make sure Abhay doesn't regain his memory.

    Abhay drops Radhika home but refuses to come inside despite her requests. Vaishali, Vivek and Birju are relieved by Radhika's return. When Radhika reveals Dev dropped her home, Vaishali is disappointed to know he refused to come in and meet them. But Radhika is sure one day Dev will return home.

    Kanika wants to accompany Abhay to Chandanpur but he refuses to take her along as he is going for business purpose. Mata Ramji is offended by Kanika's demand. She disallows Kanika to accompany Abhay. Kanika is forced to obey Mata Ramji's order although she is annoyed by it.

    Rajan asks Kanika the reason for requesting Abhay for taking her along to Chandanpur. Kanika says she wants to get close to Abhay as she fears Radhika might snatch him.  Rajan says that won't happen as he has a plan against Radhika. Kanika urges Abhay to make sure Mata Ramji doesn't get to know about his plan. Rajan tells Kanika to be rest assured about it.

    What is Rajan's plan?

  • Chhoti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan Episode 439

    In the July 8 episode of Chhoti Bahu aired on Zee TV, Dev declares he is not her husband and refuses to accompany Radhika.

    Rajan arrives on the scene and taunts Radhika for holding Abhay's hand. Rajan promises to love her more than her husband if she agreed to his proposal. An enraged Abhay slaps Rajan and warns him to never misbehave with Radhika. Radhika is pleased with Dev's act. Abhay requests Radhika to leave.

    Rajan informs Kanika about the incident with Abhay. After Rajan leaves, Kanika phones Abhay and asks whether he had lunch. Abhay is surprised by the way Kanika suddenly started caring. Kanika hints she is insecure as she fears Radhika is coming between them. Abhay advises her to trust him instead of being insecure.

    Hanuman asks Mata Ramji to attend a function organized by Rajpurohits of Delhi as it can be profitable for them.

    Radhika again meets Dev. Dev requests her to stop troubling him and leaves. Radhika is hurt.

    Vaishali and Vivek get worried when Radhika fails to return in time. Despite Dev dismissing her, Radhika waits for him. Dev is surprised on noticing Radhika waiting outside his house. Will Radhika succeed in stopping Arjun from becoming the next Rajpurohit?

  • Chhoti Bahu - Sindoor Bin Suhagan Episode 438

    In the July 7 episode of Chhoti Bahu aired on Zee TV, Mahant reminds the Purohits that as per tradition, if Dev doesn't return within the next four days, they will have to consider him dead and declare Arjun as the next Rajpurohit. Radhika promises to bring Dev back within the stipulated time.

    Rajan commends Kanika at her success in convincing Mata Ramji that Abhay is her husband. The duo is stunned on finding Rajan's wife to have overheard their conversation. Rajan allays Kanika's fears and assures that his wife will not reveal to Mata Ramji that Abhay is actually Dev.

    At night, Kanika expresses her desire to live as husband and wife, to Abhay. Abhay says he knows she is terrified after Radhika tried to prove he is her husband. Abhay promises her that he would ensure no injustice is done to her.

    Next morning, Radhika meets Dev. Radhika informs Dev that she had been waiting for him for long. Dev resents it and makes his displeasure clear. Radhika counters saying she is free to meet him anytime as he is her husband. Dev objects and asserts he is Abhay. But Radhika points out that he is a member of the Purohit family. She pleads with him to come with her. Will Dev go with Radhika?