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Buddha - Episode 18 - January 05, 2014

About Episode:
In the January 5 Episode of Buddha, Devdutt tries to harm Yashodhara but fails. Queen Prajapati prepares for Siddhartha and Yashodhara's marriage. King Shuddhodhana asks queen Prajapati to call his younger son back to kingdom who was been sent away soon after he was born. Queen Mangala gets worried and mentally unstable as Siddhrtha's wedding ceremony starts. King Prassanjit visits Kapilvastu to attend Siddhartha's wedding. Mangala conspires against Siddhartha but fails in implementing her evil plan. Episode ends with the entry of a young beautiful dancer Aamrpali in the kingdom.

Telecast Date: January 5, 2014
Episode Number: 18
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