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Buddha : Cast

  • sameer-dhamadhikari-as-king-suddhodana
    Sameer Dhamadhikari as King Suddhodana Father of Siddhartha / Buddha King Suddhodana, who is of Shakyan caste, is a righteous king who rules over Kapilavastu. As a young prince he excelled in warfare and swordsmanship. He is an ideal husband and a loving father, a simple and honest person, living for his family and for the people of his kingdom. He is able,...
  • -as-mangala
    Nigaar Khan as Mangala Paternal Aunt to Siddhartha Wife of Dronodana and mother of Devdutt; She is a princess of Koliya and was hopeful that King Suddhodana will marry her; but Suddhodana marries Mahanama and as a result she has to marry Dronodana. She is a cunning and vicious woman and these traits she ingrains in her son Devdutt.
  • kabir-bedi-as-asit-muni
    Kabir Bedi as Asit Muni Sage and Guru Asit is a sage and was the Kul Guru of Sihahanu, father of king Suddhodana and was the teacher of the Suddhodana when he was a child. He is highly respected by King Suddhodana. Asit renounces the world and lives a life of recluse in the Himalaya's meditating and has developed various siddhi powers. On lea...