Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer : Cast

  • Nivedita Tiwari as Runjhun

    Runjhun is a beautiful and simple girl who brings good fortune wherever she goes. Orphaned in childhood, she has been raised by her maternal grandmother. She stays with her three maternal uncles, their wives and children.

    Runjhun is always cheerful and dutifully performs all tasks handed to her. Her status in the household is no better than that of a servant. However, Runjhun has no complaints.

    Runjhun becomes the victim of the conniving ways of her aunts who marry her off to a local goon who agrees to live in their household.
  • Rita Bhaduri as Ahilya Devi (Nani)

    Ahilya Devi, Runjhun's maternal grandmother, is the only one in the household who showers Runjhun with true love and affection. Her main concern is Runjhun's marriage and wants Runjhun to be blessed with the prince of her dreams.

    Ahilya Devi often shields Runjhun from the taunts and ire of her uncles and aunts.

  • Himmanshoo Malhotra as Guddu Shukla

    A young man of 25-26 years, Guddu Shukla is the local goon who runs a carom club and CD library in the area.

    Confident and temperamental, the real person behind the tough exterior that Guddu sports is not known to many. Guddu is witty and is always equipped with smart one-liners for all occasions. He is happy-go-lucky and lives for the day.

    His marriage to Runjhun changes his complete outlook towards life and Guddu becomes a changed man.

  • Sagar Saini as Rajju Pandey The eldest son of the Pandey household, Rajjannath is hardly ever known by his real name. Popularly known as Rajju, he deals in the manufacturing and export perfumes.
    Rajju is self-centered and egoistic and regards himself to be highly successful and influential. He is a hen-pecked husband and falls even for the slightest flattery.
  • Mona Roy as Mitho Pandey The eldest daughter-in-law of the Pandey household, Mitho is known to all as a glib and sweet talker. However, few know how ruthless, cold and cunning she can really be.
    Mitho believes in spending money for the sake of maintaining her status in the society. She has managed to keep her husband Rajju wrapped around her little finger with her incessant flattery of even his tiniest action. Behind his back, Mittho mocks at Rajju's foolishness but is happy that she is able to manipulate him.