Aladdin Feb 1 Episode Video

About Episode:

In the February 1 episode of Alladin, aired on Zee TV, Jinn goes back to the lamp, while Aladdin, Junaid and Zara go to look for Dilbara. Just as the sun sets, Alladin transforms into a monster.

People from Zaniabaad look for Aladdin and, not finding him, decide to go back and tell the villagers they have killed him.

Meanwhile, Aladdin, Junaid and Zara reach a jungle during their journey. Zafar's assistant, on a mission to kill Aladdin, spots them.

The episode takes a dramatic turn when two ghosts emerge from the darkness of the jungle and one of them enters Juniad's body. He assumes a strange kind of power and attacks Aladdin, but after a while, comes back to his senses.

Finally, Alladin, Jeenu and Zara approach the hideout of Shola Shaitaan.

Will Alladin be able to save Dilbara? How long will Alladin keep transforming into a demon?

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Telecast Date: February 1, 2009
Episode Number: 12
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