Aladdin : Episode Guide

  • Aladdin March 21 Episode Video

    In March 21 episode of Aladdin, aired on Zee, Junaid first chickens out, but when Zara insists, he agrees to go out and get Jinn's head. Jinn gives him a magical blanket that would make him disappear.

    On his way, Junaid trips and the blanket slips off him. The gatekeepers catch him, but Aladdin and Jasmine come just in time to rescue him.

    Junaid picks up Jinn's head and runs. In a shocking twist of the episode, on reaching the palace, they realization that the head is actually of Kali Kabali. Jinn, however, does not mind.

    Aladdin frees Jinn from his slavery. All's well that ends well.

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  • Aladdin March 14 Episode Video

    Jasmine is forced and dragged to the courtyard in March 14 episode of Aladdin. Her Khala (aunt) asks the three magicians waiting there to decide who will marry her.

    Seeing this, Alladdin urges Jinn to fly the carpet fast, but Kali Kabali stops them. Aladdin chops off Kabali's head, but realizes that Jinn, too, loses his head. Jinn reminds Aladdin to first save Jasmine and then they worry about him.

    Khala puts a challenge to the Magician; whoever puts off the magical flame will get to marry Jasmine. One of the magician puts off the flame and runs ways with the princess. Alladin and Jinn reach there just in time to kill the magician and save Jasmine.

    They reach the palace and Aladdin punishes Khala. Aladdin and Jasmine want to go and get back Jinn's head, but Jinn informs them that the gatekeepers of the palace are man-eaters. They would smell blood from their wounds and kill them. Only Junaid, who has no wound on him, can go to get his head. Junaid is shocked.

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  • Aladdin March 8 Episode Video

    In March 8 episode of theZee TV serial, whileAladdin collects some water from the magic pond, Zafar captures Zara, Junaid and Jinn (disguised as Aladdin).

    Meanwhile, Jasmine pledges to poison herself if Aladdin does not return by the evening, the time when three suitors will be coming to see her.

    Back in the tunnel where Zafar has captured the three, Junaid worries that he and Zara will be the ones to perish in the hands of Zafar, since Jinn will vanish in the evening. Zafar orders Kaali Kabaali to kill them.

    Unknown to all, Aladdin is right there, dressed as a dancer. He woos Zafar and makes him drink the water he has brought from the magic pond. Once Zafar is dead, Aladdin returns to his former self and the curse, which transformed him into a demon every evening, is finally removed. 

    It's evening and Jasmine is adamant to die when she and her maid realize that the curse has been lifted off her too. While Aladdin rushes back to the palace, Jinn shows him Jasmine's miserable plight as three suitors have come to woo her.

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  • Aladdin March 7 Episode Video

    Kaali Chudail has captured Jinn and Dilbara. In March 7 episode of the serial Aladdin, Dilbara is seen transformed into a stone statue, while Jinn is in a cage.

    As Aladdin, Junaid and Zaira look for Jinn in the jungle, a formless black being follows them and throws weapons, water and creepy insects to block their way. Aladdin, however, calls his magic carpet and they set out to search for Jinn.

    They finally reach a volcano. Their feet burn on landing, but they are determined to find Jinn. After encountering some problems, they enter a tunnel and find Jinn and Dilbara in a pitiful state, and the Chudail sadistically enjoying the site.

    While Jasmine prays for safe return of Aladdin, in the tunnel, a battle breaks out between Kaali Chudail and Aladdin. After a fierce fight, one of Chudial's most important weapons lands in Aladdin's hand. As he breaks it, the Chudail melts and becomes a beautiful fairy. She thanks Aladdin for lifting the curse and reveals that she, too, was a victim of Zafar.

    Jinn and Dilbara are rescued. The fairy tells Aladdin to make Zafar drink some water from a particular magic pond, which will kill Zafar.

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  • Aladdin March 1 Episode Video

    In March 1 episode of the Zee TV serial, Junaid suggests Aladdin to go back to the Wall of Death to get some clue about Kaali Chudail, who has kidnapped Jinn. Aladdin agrees.

    Back in the palace, Khala gets irritated as all the Princes refuse to marry Jasmine the moment they come to know about the curse on her. The maid adds that the only Prince willing to marry her in spite of her curse is the son of a friend of Jasmine's father. He, however, will marry Jasmine only if she goes to his kingdom herself with the proposal. Khaala permits and the two leave.

    Meanwhile, in the jungle, Aladdin gets to know from a tribal that he will have to cross the Desert of Death to get to the Chudail.

    The episode moves to the den of Kaali Chudail, who tortures Jinn. happy that Aladdin is on his way to destruction, the Chudail threatens to destroy Jinn if he does not go inside the lamp by evening.

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