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Afsar Bitiya May 24 Episode Video

About Episode:

In the previous episode, Tuntun had invited Bihari and his family for Pintu and Krishna's Bahu bhoj. Tuntun had told Bihari to avenge his insult by creating hurdles for Vidyapati's family so that they cannot attend the ceremony.

Bihari refuses to follow Tuntun's instructions and states that he would not dance on his tunes anymore. Pinky intervenes and agrees to create hurdles for Vidyapati's family. She assures Tuntun that Vidyapati's family would not attend the Bahu bhoj.

Mithilesh calls up Krishna and informs her that the Deputy Collector had sent some files. He adds that the Deputy Collector has asked her to sign the files and return them soon. Krishna is unable to attend the office as Tuntun had organized a Bahu bhoj. She asks Mithilesh to send the files to Tuntun's house.

Bihari and Dihati visit Vidyapati's house and apologize to them for cursing Krishna. Dihati had brought Pinky's jewelries and saris for Saraswati. She asks Saraswati to wear one of the saris and jewelry set for Krishna's Bahu bhoj. Bihari taunts Vidyapati and reminds him that he was Tuntun's servant earlier. Chanchal gets furious and refuses to accept the Dihati's help. She asks Dihati to take away the saris and jewelries away.

Mithilesh visits Tuntun's house and hands over the files to Krishna. Tuntun intervenes and tells Krishna to use his office to complete her work. He also tells Krishna to get ready for the ceremony on time.

After Krishna goes to Tuntun's office, Tuntun asks Pyaare Lal to execute their plan. He tells Pyaare Lal to trick Krishna and secretly place his file in between the pile of files send by the Deputy Collector.

Vidyapati fears that Krishna's in-laws may comment about their status. He also fears that Tuntun's family may also trouble Krishna by taunting her. Vidyapati therefore refuses to attend Krishna's Bahu bhoj. Ravi tries to pacify him and states that Vidyapati must not mind Bihari's words. Chanchal too tries to convince Vidyapati but fails.

Ganga asks Sargam to make proper arrangements to welcome Tuntun's aunt, Phool. Phool was strict and mean woman. Meanwhile, Phool arrives. Ganga and Sargam welcome Phool.

Pyaare Lal smartly hands over Tuntun's file to Krishna and requests her to sign it. Krishna is unaware that the file belonged to Tuntun. She goes through the documents.

Telecast Date: May 24, 2012
Episode Number: 12
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