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Aapki Antara is the story of five-year-old cute and adorable girl Antara. She is born to Anuradha who had a relationship out of wedlock with Aditya.
When Anuradha dies in a car accident, Antara is orphaned. It is now the responsibility of Aditya to take her home to his wife Vidya and son Abhishek and accept her as a part of the family.
With Antara in their life, things are not the same again in Aditya and Vidya's lives. Antara does not behave like a normal child. She cannot express emotions and lives in her own world! To the outside world she is a day dreamer and a slow child.
During the course of time, Aditya discovers that Antara suffers from a condition called autism. He is then faced with a challenge to bring up his special child and get her accepted by the society. Through the story, the show guides people to understand the needs of people suffering from this condition and to deal with them sensitively.


Antara - Aaina Mehta (earlier Zynah Vastani)
Aditya Verma - Darshan Pandya
Vidya - Prabhleen Sandhu
Sameer - Himanshu Malhotra
Abhishek- Sahil (earlier Raj Sumariya)
Billu - Sandeep Upadhaya (earlier Aarav Velhal)
Mr. Gupta - Nikhil Ratanparkhi
Mrs. Gupta - Alka Mogha
Vidya's mother (Kiran) -Sujata Kumar
Vidya's father - Vijay Aidasani


  • Sahil as Abhishek
  • Darshan Pandya as Aditya Verma
    Darshan Pandya
    Aditya Verma
  • Anjum Farooki as Antara
    Anjum Farooki
  • Sandeep Upadhyay as Billu
    Sandeep Upadhyay
  • Apoorva as Milli
  • Prashant Ranyal as Sameer
    Prashant Ranyal
  • Kshiti Jog as Vidya Verma
    Kshiti Jog
    Vidya Verma
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Episode Guide

Aapki Antara - Episode 109
Aditya speaks to Antara about how he never got good returns for being a nice person. He continues to be torn between his principles and being selfish. Aditya finally decides to return the briefcase to the owner after Vidya suggests him to do so. The next day, he waits for the owner of the briefcase
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