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12 / 24 Karol Bagh : ABOUT THE SHOW

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About the Show

Delhi has gone through many changes since independence in the name of modernization, culture and values but there is one thing which has never changed in the lives of a middle class family - the Struggle. The struggle to survive, the struggle to find love and then the struggle to keep relationships together, so as to never lose that love.

12/24 Karol Bagh - Yahan Baste Hai Kuch Sapne is the story of the Sethi family who lives in the middle-class locality of Karol Bagh in Delhi. Rajinder Sethi  bears the wrath of the Sealing Act in Delhi and has to shut down his small time cloth business. His wife Manju tries to give every possible support to him. The struggle is on.

Their four children -Simi, Anuj, Neetu and Mili - see their parents as a living example of perfect partners, full of love and undestanding. 35 years of symbiotic living , of give and take, the way soulmates and life partners are meant to be.

If Rajinder and Manju's four children epitomize today's generation, what is it that the new generation is looking for in their own relationships?

So who is the perfect partner... how does one find them?
Can parents make the right choice of a soul mate for their child?
Can one find their soulmate on their own?
Or is it finally destiny that controls who we share our lives with?

12/24 Karol Bagh is the saga of the family and the aspirations, hopes, tribulations that each member of the family goes through. Yet life is bliss as long as they are together!


  • Neil Bhatt as Abhinav Tarneja
    Neil Bhatt
    Abhinav Tarneja
  • Waseem Mushtaq as Anuj Sethi
    Waseem Mushtaq
    Anuj Sethi
  • Alka Amin as Manju Sethi
    Alka Amin
    Manju Sethi
  • Hunar Halli as Mili Sethi
    Hunar Halli
    Mili Sethi
  • Sargun Mehta as Neetu Sethi
    Sargun Mehta
    Neetu Sethi
  • Banwari Taneja as Rajinder Sethi
    Banwari Taneja
    Rajinder Sethi
  • Smriti Kalra as Simi Sethi
    Smriti Kalra
    Simi Sethi
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