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It's celebrities galore again on Zee TV's game show 'Ghar Ghar Mein'

The celebs share their khatti mithi nok jhok as they play games with our anchors – Vipul and Manish.
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It's celebrities galore again on Zee TV's game show 'Ghar Ghar Mein'
This time Vipul and Manish knock the doors of -
•    Sanjeev and Lata Seth  (parents of Akshara  – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)
•    Sweta Keswani and husband Alex O'Nell
•    Ketki Dave and Rasik Dave
•    Asif Sheikh and Zeba Sheikh (Vinod Verma of Yes Boss)
•    Shakti Anand and Sai Anand  (lead of Saara Aakash)

“It was a very difficult for me to accept the fact that Sanjeev already has a 14- year-old daughter…”
confesses Lata Seth on Zee TV's Ghar Ghar Mein
This was second time for Sanjeev. Lata didn't know whether she was taking the right step. Sanjeev and Lata met on the sets of a popular show and hit it off instantly. Their friendship soon blossomed into love but both weren't sure they should take the plunge.
“I was totally shattered when my first marriage fell apart (he was married to Resham Tipnis),” said a distraught Sanjeev going down the memory lane. Apparently, his first wife had left behind their two kids as well. Following this, he had totally gone into depression and this was having an adverse effect on his kids.
He met Lata on the sets of a popular show and started seeing her. Both knew that they were affectionate towards each other but weren't sure that they should take the plunge.
Sanjeev was skeptical about marrying second time. Lata too was unsure because Sanjeev already had two children. His oldest daughter was 14. Everybody advised Lata against the match. Even Sanjeev had made it clear that he would not marry unless his kids gave him an approval.
Luckily, Sanjeev's children clicked with Lata in their very first meeting putting to rest all the dilemmas the couple faced.
“I feel so blessed now. Sanjeev's daughter is my best friend now. In fact we gel so well now that at times Sanjeev feels cheated,” giggles Lata. “In fact I want to tell everybody who is in a similar relationship that its not mandatory to have a mother-daughter relationship always. You can become each other's friends and exist peacefully under the same roof… I have an excellent chemistry with my daughter,” continues Lata.
Well, all is well that ends well!

Watch this particular episode of Ghar Ghar Mein on Feb 23, Tuesday at 7 pm only on Zee TV.

Angrezi Babu and Desi Mem…

Sweta Keswani and husband Alex O' Neill open up about their diverse backgrounds only on Zee TV's Ghar Ghar Mein

Sweta Keswani met Alex at a common friend's party and harrowed him totally as he was a firang and would not understand the language.  “A bunch of friends and I had loads of fun playing pranks on Alex…” gushes Sweta. “Eventually we started hanging out together and soon realized that we had become inseparable. But it came as a shock when Alex proposed marriage…” she continues.
The bone of contention was their totally diversified cultural backgrounds. Sweta didn't know whether marrying Alex would be the right thing to do. But his love for her totally bowled her over!

This was not all.  Shweta's parents were dead against her marrying Alex who is an American. When Sweta made up her mind to marry him finally against her parents wishes – her parents parted ways with her. “Actually my brother had run away and got married and my parents were deeply pained by this. They had particularly asked me not to go that way… but I could not help. I was so much in love… and my parents would just not approve…”

Sweta faced difficulties right from the time she decided to marry Alex, different cultural backgrounds, different languages, conversations, difference of opinion, arguments at a different level. Alex did not fit into the bracket of an Indian boy in the eyes of Shweta's parents.

Finally she took the plunge without her parents by her side. But her wedding was a much talked about affair. She tied the knot in various styles - Hindu wedding,  Catholic wedding,  Buddhist wedding…

“My parents still don't understand him. Only my Bai and Bhajiwali do… Both parties cannot argue with each other beyond a point….” chuckles Sweta.

Watch this particular episode of Ghar Ghar Mein on Feb 24, Tuesday at 7 pm only on Zee TV.
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