“I believe in the parallel world”

“I believe in the parallel world”

While shooting the video diary for the 'jinxed movie' episode of Fear Files, the pretty actress said, “It feels fantastic to be a part of Fear Files. I watch the show whenever I can as I am a firm believer of supernatural elements. I believe that there exists a parallel world where spirits dwell. There has been instances in my life which has led me to believe that they do exist and it's not a figment of my imagination. I'm happy to be a part of Fear Files whose basic premise is similar to my film '3G'. The film has Neil Nitin Mukesh as my co-star and will hit the theatres on 15th March. The movie is about supernatural elements and I'm certain that the audiences who like watching Fear Files will definitely enjoy '3G'.”

Sonal will narrate the story of a jinxed movie in this episode of Fear Files. Rajan Kumar, the director of the movie 'Laila' apparently had died on the sets while making the movie. It is said that Sunder Bano who was promised to be the lead of the film was given a very small character. She cursed the movie and committed suicide on the sets. Legend has it that whoever worked on that film would meet a gruesome end.

Watch the beautiful Sonal Chauhan take you through another spine chilling episode of 'Fear Files' to come on air on Sunday, 24th February at 10:30pm only on Zee TV!