"If you can't save Purvi, then I will beat up the goons who kidnapped her"

While Rithvik was hosting the audition episode of India's Best Dramebaaz, li'l Heet from Bangalore, on recognizing Rithvik, started complaining to him about his character Arjun's habits. Heet, who is an ardent follower of the show and a huge supporter of the Arjun-Purvi relationship started scolding Rithvik for not being able to save Purvi from the goons who kidnapped her on the show.

“Whenever Heet sees me, he always jumps on to my lap and scolds me for not saving Purvi in the episode where she was kidnapped. He says, 'agar tum mere Purvi didi ko nahi bacha sakte toh mujhe le chalo aapke saath, main unko maarta hoon!' It is really humbling that even kids of such a young age appreciate the character I play and feel so closely connected to the show. Considering how much he loves his Purvi didi, I am going to make it a point to get him to meet Asha (who plays the role of Purvi) on the sets of Pavitra Rishta. It will be priceless to see the expression on his face when he meets her!” says Rithvik talking about the experience.

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