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Will Twinkle Expose Yuvraj's Sinister Plan?

Yuvraj gave away his well-kept secret while trying to chop-off Twinkle's hair.
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Will Twinkle Expose Yuvraj's Sinister Plan?
Yuvraj tells Kunj not to leave
There seems to be no solution in sight for both Leela and Twinkle when it comes to the Luthras. On one hand, Leela has to deal with Anita and on the other hand, Twinkle is dealing with Yuvraj. A cunning Yuvraj seems to have found the perfect opportunity to worm his way back into Twinkle's life. Twinkle had a strong suspicion that Yuvraj was only acting and she came up with a plan to use his fear of heights to prove that he had not lost his memory.

However, her plan fell flat when he almost fell from the terrace. Kunj, feeling guilty that he was the reason for Yuvraj's memory loss, decides to meet Yuvraj's doctor in Goa.

When Twinkle and Yuvraj are alone, he tells her that he will let her go if she cuts her hair. After Anita takes Yuvraj away, Twinkle has a flashback of the time when Yuvraj asked her to cut her hair short once before. This confirmed Twinkle's doubts that Yuvraj is only acting. Twinkle realizes that Yuvraj has to be exposed and he has to be stopped, otherwise he will ruin her marriage and life.

How will Twinkle prove that Yuvraj is putting up an act even though he is pretending to have lost his memory infront of his mother? Will Kunj's guilt play right into Yuvraj's plans?

Keep watching Tashan-e-Ishq to find out more.
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