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Veebha Anand turning Gujarati!

Veebha's preparations to play the lead of Zee TV's new show Sanskaar Laxmi
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Veebha Anand turning Gujarati!

What does it take to get an actress into the skin of her character? For Veebha Anand, the lead actress of Zee TV's new show Sanskaar Laxmi, an exhaustive workshop was arranged by the writer cum producer, Raju Bhai. Veebha, is all gung-ho about playing the role of Lakshmi and was insistent about leaving no stone unturned when it came to lending credibility to the character that she portrays on screen.

"Having been brought up in the small town of Dehradun, I empathize with the small town mentality of Lakshmi but for a month before we started shooting, I felt that there was more to be done to become Lakshmi on screen. Moreover my producer Raju Bhai has placed such immense faith in me so I did not want to disappoint him. I began watching Guajarati movies & plays to understand the essence of the region, language and the mannerisms of its people. Raju Bhai was kind enough to take time out to give me lessons so that I could learn to speak the language well and pick up the accent that would lend authenticity to my portrayal of Laxmi. I play a girl who is full of life, innocent and makes a difference wherever she goes." said Veebha when we contacted her. The actress has even learnt some Gujarati folk songs owing to the long Dandiya and Garba lessons that she has been taking from her Gujarati friends in Mumbai.

Seems that this lovely lass will soon be walking and talking with the panache of the native Guajarati with all the preparation that she has been putting into the role! We wish her all the very best in her endeavour.

When contacted Raju Bhai said, “Yes I did hold workshops for Veebha and other actors of the show to groom them to enact their Gujarati characters to the T. All of them were very co-operative. With Veebha, in particular, it was not very tough as she has already portrayed a similar character on Indian Television. Her dedication is seen to be believed and I'm hoping she endears all with her performance."
Catch Sanskaar Laxmi starting on Zee TV from January 17, 2011 every Monday to Thursday at 10.30 PM.

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