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Rithvik and Ragini turn Paa Ji just for Delhi!

The Delhi auditions of Zee TV's 'India Best Dramebaaz' were hijacked! By who you ask? Apparently two mysterious looking sardar jis were seen chasing children around the venue with syringes and stethoscopes saying that they were 'searching for dramebaaz kids' in the crowd.
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Rithvik and Ragini turn Paa Ji just for Delhi!

Imagine the astonishment of the crowd when the duo pulled off their turbans and fake facial hair to reveal the show's hosts Rithvik Dhanjani and Ragini Khanna under the 'paa ji' guise!

“It was a lot of fun pulling that trick on the kids!” says Rithvik. “We pretended that we were a couple of private investigators' who were sent to the auditions to hunt down kids who had been bitten by the 'acting ka keeda' and tried to talk kids into taking injections (fake of course!) to cure them of their acting disease. While the older kids were a little skeptical about the pretext under which we caught hold of them, some of the younger kids actually fell for it and ran straight to their parents!”

“Initially only Rithvik was supposed to don the garb of Lucky Singh, but then why should only boys have all the fun, right?” says Ragini laughing. “I insisted on joining him in his devilish antics of 'scaring' these li'l kids and asked the producers to get me a costume too. The reactions of these kids were too cute, although I do feel bad about scaring one tiny girl who probably was confused as to how I looked like a guy but sounded like a girl!”

Watch Rithvik and Ragini's masti in Delhi at the auditions of India's Best Dramebaaz. The show premieres February 23, 2013 and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM, only on Zee TV.

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