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Pavitra Rishta's Savita Tai and Teju all set to take Durban by storm

Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta has been one of the most successful and long running shows on India television in recent times. And two of its renowned cast members Usha Nadkarni (Savita Tai) and on-screen granddaughter Mrinalini Tyagi (Teju) and are all set to take the city of Durban, South Africa by storm.
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Pavitra Rishta's Savita Tai and Teju all set to take Durban by storm

The two actresses have been invited to the largest city of Indians outside of India to perform at an event called 'Dhinka Chinka Nite'.

While Mrinalini will be dancing to a medley of popular songs, Usha Tai will entertain the audience with her strong Marathi accent and jokes that highlight her most memorable lines from the show. Says Mrinalini, “I am excited to be a part of the show. Usha Tai and I will be leaving tomorrow; we have events on two days and will be back in the following week to resume the shoot for Pavitra Rishta.”

Talking about preparations for her dance, Mrinalini further adds, “Since they knew that I love dancing, the event organizers sent me the DVD of the medley. I prepared myself after hearing the music, but unfortunately got no time to rehearse. I am happy that I am going to connect with my fans in Durban. It feels great.”

Usha Tai, who recently celebrated her 66th birthday, is looking forward to taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. She says “We actors hardly get a break from our shoots for daily soaps. So I am looking forward to this small break as well as meeting my fans in Durban…I have had the fortune of being to Durban a few times before and the kind of welcome that I have got from my fans has always been heartwarming so I love going back to Durban to meet them!”

In the current track of the show, their characters Teju and Savita Tai are at loggerheads with each other, what with Teju having exposed granny Savita Tai's cunning act of deceit whereby she had forged Archana's signature on the divorce papers. Teju, on realizing that her grandmother is solely responsible for separating her parents, vows to bring Savita's misdoing to the forefront and reunite her parents,  even if it could land her grandmother in legal jeopardy. Let's hope their on-screen hostility does not translate off-screen as they head together to Durban for the stage show. Rock the stage, Mrinalini and Usha Tai!

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